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When will 5g mobile phone go on sale? What is the price of the first 5g mobile phones

5g should be the hot spot that everyone has been paying attention to. At present, many cities have begun to carry out 5g network pilot. The test speed is very fast. The construction of 5g base station has started to prepare. Next, we are looking forward to the release of 5g mobile phone.

Last year, several mobile phone manufacturers have indicated that 5g mobile phones will be released this year, including Huawei glory, Xiaomi, etc. there will be a total of 30 5g mobile phones to be released. According to the previous announcement of Qualcomm, the processor chip of snapdragon 855 will be used on 5g mobile phones, and the performance is not always worthy of our expectation.

As a new technology research and development, it is certainly not cheap to use it on mobile phones. Many small partners are looking forward to it, but also feel confused about the price. They don't know how expensive the new 5g mobile phone will be. In fact, the operator of China Mobile has estimated the price of 5g mobile phone a long time ago, which is about 8000 yuan. Seeing this price, it is estimated that a lot of small partners are already cold hearted. After all, the price difference between this price and the current price of Apple mobile phone is not too much. Many users who like to use Apple mobile phone don't even think about the price of Apple 5g mobile phone Dare to think, many netizens said frankly: it's better to make use of 4G! But we don't need to consider this for the moment, because Apple didn't announce that it would launch a new 5g mobile phone on the new model released this year.

If we want to use a faster 5g mobile experience, we must change our mobile phones. The current mobile phones do not have the configuration to adapt to the 5g network, so it will be a while before the new model is released, and we need to start saving money to use 5g mobile phones. However, this premise also requires cities with base station construction, because there are many cities There is no 5g base station construction, even if 5g mobile phones are purchased, there is no way to use them, so users in no pilot cities do not need to consider this problem for the time being, but it is not necessary to regret that they can not use 5g mobile phones in the first time, because the technology of 5g mobile phones just started to develop is not as mature as 4G technology, which is equivalent to that the first users of 5g mobile phones are Xiaobai Mouse, from their experience mobile phone manufacturers can better find the technical shortcomings to carry out a solution. Moreover, the current base station construction is not perfect, and many scenarios that can be used can not meet the expected standards in the early stage. The most important thing is that under such unstable factors, the price of mobile phones is still relatively high. Do you think that it is a good thing not to use 5g Mobile phones in the first time?

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that the best time to use the 5g mobile phone is two years later, because at that time, the technology research and development of the mobile phone was very mature, and the construction of the base station was relatively perfect, and many 5g scenarios could be used. Most importantly, at that time, all layers of mobile phones would develop 5g mobile phone models, and the price would be more advantageous than the initial stage. I don't know if you will be the first users of 5g mobile phones?