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What's new in pension insurance this year? New regulations on rural endowment insurance in 2019

With the national policy of increasing the payment proportion of rural endowment insurance put forward in 2018, relevant policies have been issued in rural areas to improve the payment level of rural endowment insurance. People are curious about the new changes of endowment insurance this year? The new regulations of rural endowment insurance in 2019.

1、 How much is the payment standard of rural endowment insurance in 2019?

According to the relevant provisions of the state, the payment standard is currently set at five levels, namely, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan and 500 yuan per year. However, different regions may have different payment standards, and payment can be made according to the actual level of local payment. Here is a summary of the payment in several regions:

1. The latest payment standard of Ningxia's endowment insurance is 7279.2 yuan for the first file, 8733.6 yuan for the second file, 10188 yuan for the third file, 11644.8 yuan for the fourth file, 13099.2 yuan for the fifth file, 14553.6 yuan for the sixth file. The latest payment standard comes from Yinchuan news.

2. The latest payment standard of Henan endowment insurance: Taking Pingdingshan as an example, the individual payment standard is adjusted to 10 grades of 120 yuan, 240 yuan, 360 yuan, 480 yuan, 600 yuan, 960 yuan, 1200 yuan, 1800 yuan, 2400 yuan and 3600 yuan per year. The insured can choose one of the grades and pay by year.

3. The latest payment standard of endowment insurance in Inner Mongolia: the new policy of endowment insurance in Inner Mongolia has adjusted the payment standard of basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents from the past 10 grades to 100 to 13 grades. The insured can choose to pay at their own level and pay more. In addition, the new policy of endowment insurance in Inner Mongolia will consist of basic pension and individual account pension.

4. The latest payment standard of Fujian endowment insurance: the payment standard is currently set at 12 levels, including 500 yuan, 700 yuan, 900 yuan, 1100 yuan, 1300 yuan, 1500 yuan, 1700 yuan, 1900 yuan, 2100 yuan, 2300 yuan, 2800 yuan, 3300 yuan, etc. the local government can also adjust according to the actual situation and add another payment level.

5. The latest payment standard of Chongqing endowment insurance: now it is 100, 200, 400, 600 and 900 per year in five grades. According to the latest local payment standard.

6. The latest payment standard of endowment insurance in Hunan Province: from the pilot work meeting of new rural social endowment insurance in Hunan Province held by the people's Government of Hunan Province on November 20, it is learned that the payment standard is currently set at five levels of 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan and 500 yuan per year, and the county (urban area) can increase the payment level according to the net income of local farmers; the insured can choose the payment file independently Time, pay more. According to the unified regulations of the state, the province adjusts the payment grade according to the growth of the per capita net income of farmers. The insured farmers shall pay the fees on an annual basis.

Subsidy standard: the central government subsidizes' export '(basic pension). The minimum basic pension is 55 yuan per person per month. From next year, pilot counties and districts can appropriately raise the level of basic pension. Local finance will pay for 'import' (payment), 30 yuan per person per year, of which 20 yuan will be paid on average if the provincial government takes the lead, and 10 yuan will be paid on average if the city or county takes the lead; if the county or district has conditions, 5 yuan will be paid for each additional payment. County level finance shall pay all or part of the lowest level payment to the special poor groups such as the severely disabled.

2、 How to pay rural endowment insurance?

1. Inspection by village assistant

The village assistant is responsible for checking whether the insurance registration form and the family social relationship form of the elderly with rural household registration are completed, whether the information such as the name and the second generation ID card number filled in are accurate, whether there is an individual's signature or seal, and whether the relevant materials provided by the insurance participants are complete. After the inspection is correct, the insurance registration form is signed and stamped by the village committee Official seal, with the second generation ID card of the insured and the copy of the household register and other materials, and then report to the Township labor security office.

2. Township preliminary examination

The Township labor security office conducts the preliminary examination on the insurance registration materials reported by the village. After the examination is correct, the handling personnel sign on the insurance registration form, affix the official seal of the township security office, timely enter the basic information of the insurance personnel into the new agricultural insurance information system, and report the insurance registration form, the second generation resident ID card and the copy of the household register to the county agricultural insurance center.

3. Recheck by County Agricultural Insurance Center

The County Rural Insurance Center shall timely review the relevant materials of insurance registration submitted by the township after receiving them. If there is no error, it shall confirm the basic information of the insured entered by the Township labor security office, and establish an individual account for the insured. It shall sign and seal the insurance registration form, and file the relevant materials for record.

3、 These 2 kinds of people can be exempted from endowment insurance!

1. Landless farmers over 45 years old

In the rural land expropriation policy, the state clearly proposes that the rural land expropriation and demolition must ensure that the living standard of the farmers' friends does not decrease, and at the same time, it will also provide the farmers' friends with all-round social security. Therefore, the state has issued the land lost farmers' Endowment insurance policy, and the farmers' friends whose land has been expropriated can participate in the land lost farmers' endowment insurance coverage, all of whom are over 4 years old For landless farmers over 5 years old, their endowment insurance payment will be paid by the compensation for land expropriation!

2. The elderly over 60 years old

At present, many old people in rural areas lack of pension awareness and do not buy endowment insurance when they are young, but their basic life is difficult to be guaranteed after the age of 60. Therefore, the country will provide basic pension for the old people over 60 who do not buy endowment insurance in rural areas, but their children must participate in the scope of endowment insurance!