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How to check endowment insurance to inquire individual account? How to query individual account of e

Social security is related to vital interests, so you must be clear about the payment situation. In addition, you can query your historical payment situation. Many people are not clear about how to query the individual account of endowment insurance? Endowment insurance inquiry individual account specific method understands.

Method / step:

When entering Alipay clients, the social services in the common menu are not selected. < is selected in the menu; City Service >

In city service, drop-down until & lt; Service Classification & gt;, and then select & lt; social security & gt; -- & lt; social security query & gt;, if you enter for the first time, you need to agree to the relevant terms.

In the & lt; social security & gt; menu drop-down until & lt; online service & gt; appears, and then select the & lt; social security query & gt; function to enter the follow-up.

Select the & lt; personal insurance information query & gt; function at the top, where you can query the personal social security number and the currently paid insurance type.

Or in the menu of step 3, select & lt; personal equity Query & gt; to enter, select the latest year, and now only 16 years can be queried.

Drop down to the bottom of the menu to view the basic endowment insurance keywords, and the accumulated amount of personal account and the current bookkeeping amount will be displayed.