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How much does postal express charge? List of charging standards for Postal Express

There are several kinds of express companies that can be chosen in our daily life. Today, let's just talk about postal express. Postal Express can be divided into two ways: ordinary postal parcels and EMS domestic express delivery. How often do you deal with express delivery? Do you know the standard code of postal service? Let's get to know.

As a package express service of China Post, the speed and security of Pingyou package are slightly higher than Pingyou. So, what's the standard of postal express? Let Xiaobian know with you!

Charging standard for postal express:

1. Calculation of package tariff of postal express: actual cost = package tariff + 3 yuan registration fee + 0.5 yuan document fee + insurance fee (voluntary). When ordering, the system shows that the cost is the actual cost. The first weight of the package is 500g, and the renewal weight is 500g. If the weight is less than 500g, it is 500g.

2. EMS domestic express delivery tariff calculation: within 500g, 20 yuan. The renewal charge of mail above 500g shall be charged by area. The province (District, city) where the destination is to be sent will be classified into three billing areas according to the inter city freight distance of the provincial capital. Zone 1 (1500 km and below) will charge 6 yuan per 500g; zone 2 (1500 km and above to 2500 km) will charge 9 yuan; zone 3 (2500 km and above) will charge 15 yuan.

Next morning, the tariff standard is reached:

1. Cross regional

If the lifting weight is 500g or less, 50 yuan; if the continuous weight is 500g or less, 15 yuan will be sent to each other around the Bohai Sea and the Pearl River Delta, and other 10 yuan will be sent to each other;

Note: the postal companies in each province can rise appropriately according to the market situation and the cut-off time.

2、 Within the area (I)

Lifting weight of 500g or less: 20 yuan; continuous weight of 500g or its zero: 6 yuan;

Note: a special service fee of 5 yuan will be charged for each item received and posted at the designated business window.

3. Within the region (2)

For lifting of 500g or less: 16 yuan; for continuous weight of 500g or its zero: 2 yuan.

Other charges:

1. Insurance fee - 0.005 yuan or zero for each piece of insurance; 1.00 yuan for the lowest piece of insurance; 250 yuan for the highest piece of insurance.

2. Withdrawal mail handling fee - 3.00 per piece.

3. SMS inquiry service fee - EMS delivery echo, 1.00 per message (additional user window is required).

4. Collect service fee - 8.00 per time.