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How to keep chelizi? Chelizi can be kept for several days at most

Chelizi, also known as cherry (imported cherry), peach, Jingtao, etc., is the earliest tree fruit on the market, known as' the first branch of a hundred fruits'. Chelizi has a bright and beautiful appearance, so it can arouse people's appetite. How long can chelizi be preserved? How can chelizi not be damaged?

How long can chelizi last

Storage method

Sunlight and moisture are the important enemies to keep cherizi, so you should store cherizi in the zero degree refrigerator immediately after receiving it. Once the cherries are stained with water, they are easy to deteriorate even in the refrigerator. If they are stored after cleaning, they should be fully dried. Under proper storage conditions, chelizi can be kept for 7 days.

How to keep it for a long time

How many chelizi to eat and how much to wash? If you don't have a rush, don't go into the water

1. If the refrigerator has 0 degree cold storage, you can seal the cherries with plastic bags and put them in fresh-keeping. Take as much as you eat, and put back what you don't eat to keep

2. If the refrigerator is not refrigerated at 0 degree, do not put the cherry in a plastic bag for closed refrigeration, so that water vapor will be generated in the plastic bag, and the water vapor will make the cherry color soft, and the cherry color soft will accelerate the deterioration of the cherry, even if it has not yet deteriorated, but the taste has been greatly reduced;

Find a cardboard box with a layer of napkin under it, put cherry on it, then lay a layer of napkin, cover the cardboard box, and put it in the refrigerator for cold storage. It can keep fresh for about 7 days! The cartons can use the original cherry box!

Therapeutic effect of chelizi

Chelizi has a very high iron content, which is at the top of all kinds of fruits. Cherry is rich in nutrition, with the functions of regulating the middle and benefiting the Qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, removing wind and dampness, making the face good in color, and beautifying the mind. It is beneficial to anorexia, dyspepsia, rheumatism and body pain, etc. Regular consumption of cherries can supplement the body's demand for iron, promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia, strengthen the body and brain.

1. Anti anemia, promote blood production.

2. Keep your face.

3. It has the function of dispelling wind and dampness and killing insects. It is warm and hot. It has the function of invigorating the middle and benefiting qi. It can dispel wind and dampness and has good effect on rheumatism, waist and leg pain

4. Chelizi can relieve pain. There is also folk experience that chelizi can also treat burn and scald, and it can relieve pain and prevent the injury from blistering and suppuration.

Nutritional value of chelizi

Chelizi has the reputation of "beauty fruit" in life. It is not only delicious, but also has many health care effects, especially the iron content. Friends who lack iron can often eat some chelizi, which can not only supplement the microelements of the body, but also moisturize the skin. It is one of the ways for female friends to make beauty in summer. How to keep chelizi is a problem that people don't need to worry about, as long as Cold storage is good, still keep sweet and juicy, nutrition will not be lost, is the ruby in the fruit. Nutrition experts say chelizi can be eaten directly. It often plays an auxiliary role in Western food, increasing the appetite and beauty of food.