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When does the 5g era begin? When will the world enter the 5g Era

At present, 5g network laying in China has begun to take shape. And the pre-use will start in 2019, so the topic of common concern is coming. When will the 5g era start? When will the world enter the 5g era? Come and have a look.

When does the 5g era begin?

Recently, Zhu Hanwu, deputy manager of China Mobile, said that after the 5g commercial network is opened, the user traffic will increase dramatically. Next year, the average monthly traffic volume will be at least 60GB, while the current average monthly traffic volume of mobile will be 8GB and will rise to 15g next year.

At the recent China Mobile 5g forum, Zhu Hanwu, deputy general manager of Guangdong Mobile, said that the 5g network business in Guangdong is expected to reach 2021, when the proportion of 5g users will exceed 15%. He also pointed out that in the era of 4G network, China Mobile's per capita monthly usage traffic gradually increased from 2GB to 4GB and 8GB, which may reach 15GB next year, and at least 60GB per capita every month after 5g network is commercially available.

With the call of "speed up and cost reduction" advocated by the state, the three operators are also actively preparing for the war. In the aspect of speed up, the three operators have paid close attention to the coverage of 4G network, because in many remote villages, 4G network is still not covered, which requires more efforts of the three operators.

On the other hand, the three operators are also vigorously studying the popularity of 5g network. Now the three major operators have submitted 5g schedule, which will be pre commercial in 2019 and formal commercial in 2020, and China has begun to study 6G. However, it's only November 2018, so it's still a long time from the commercial period in 2020. Xiaobian saw that many netizens said they would wait for 5g mobile phones, but not so fast.