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Can children eat cherry? What's the advantage of baby eating chelizi

Chelizi is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, which many people like to eat. Chelizi has bright color, full fruit, sweet and sour taste, and rich in iron and other vitamins. It can protect skin, nourish face, replenish blood and resist aging. But can children eat cherry?

Can children eat cherry

Chelizi belongs to the nature of fire. It's very hot. People with asthma can't eat it at ordinary times. Especially in children, eating too much chelizi will cause fever, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and other diseases. Usually, there are symptoms of yin deficiency cough such as dry cough and less phlegm, or the phlegm is yellow and thick. In the afternoon, when the tide is hot, the mouth is dry, the tongue is dry, night sweat, and the pulse is thin and soft, chelizi should not be eaten. So, although chelizi is delicious, don't let children eat too much.

What's the advantage of baby eating chelizi

Cherry is a fruit with high nutritional value. Chelizi can be eaten by ordinary people. Rich in vitamin A, it can relieve fatigue and protect eyesight, especially for people who have been facing computers for a long time. It's good for eyes to eat some cherries. It contains protein, phosphorus, carotene and vitamin C, which can beautify and beautify the face, resist wrinkle and freckle, and is the best product for the beauty of women. Its iron content is very high, it can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, prevent iron deficiency anemia, and improve the body immunity. Pregnant women, children, and the elderly often eat some cherimony, which has the effect of health care. When measles is prevalent, children often drink some cherry juice to prevent infection.

Precautions for eating cherry

1. The iron content of chelizi is relatively high, and there is also a little cyanogen glycoside. If excessive consumption results in the poisoning of hydroxide and iron, sugarcane juice can be used to detoxify mild poisoning. Although the fruit is delicious, it should be well controlled.

2. Chelizi should be kept for a short time and should not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid mildew.

3. Chelizi should be eaten in 3 days or so to avoid meat softening. At the same time, it should not be stained with water and perishable during storage. It can be cleaned before eating.