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2019 how can Alipay collect five benefits to get rid of dedication? Scan out Jingye Fuqing Fuzi

In order to attract more users to use Alipay, Alipay began to sweep five activities this year. As in last year, Alipay users can divide up 500 million yuan bonus. This year's professional happiness is still the most difficult to sweep, so how can we sweep out professional happiness?

In 2019, we should find out that the universal blessing has been released from the last year's activities. But in order to make up the location, Alipay has launched a card called Huahua card. Speaking of this name, many friends should think of Huabei. However, this Huahua card is really related to Huabei.

In the four ways of collecting five talents, Alipay users have a certain probability that they will get flower cards. Users who hold flower cards can participate in Alipay's final raffle. The winner's annual bill will be wrapped by Alipay! The ceiling will be 48888 yuan.

In last year's event, we should all know Alipay's routines. In the last few days of the lunar new year, there will be a lot of dedication. But even so, there are still some bad luck users who can't get the dedication. So is there any way to increase the probability of obtaining professional happiness? In fact, through the understanding of Xiaobian, is there any hidden welfare in this year's five blessings activity after being purchased by Ali.

Hungry, many of the city's many cities have been lucky ambassadors, only need to get takeaway after Alipay sweep fukha, there is a great chance to get a good job. The above is about the collection of five blessings. Dedicated blessings are the most difficult to obtain. I hope you can get good luck. However, compared with dedication, Xiaobian is more willing to get flower cards. Although it is not possible to get Alipay to help you with flowers card, it still has some possibilities, and the amount is very large.