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What is the style of wedding clothes? Taboo of wearing Xiuhe clothes

In Chinese wedding, Xiuhe dress is a very important dress. In the past two years, many girls like to wear Xiuhe dress when they get married. What's the taboo to wear Xiuhe dress? On the wedding day, we must keep beautiful makeup and clothes are also very important.

What are the styles of Xiuhe clothes

1. Cheongsam style

We often see in Chinese wedding show he suit is cheongsam show he suit.

The upper body and lower body of this Xiuhe suit are separated.

The upper body of the cheongsam style Xiuhe suit is very similar to the cheongsam in the traditional sense of China. It adopts the stand collar and the button design common in ancient Chinese clothing.

The lower body of cheongsam style Xiuhe suit is usually a pleated skirt with ribbon decoration, which makes the bride look more gentle and beautiful.

2. Mandarin style

The jacket style Xiuhe suit is another style of Xiuhe suit that we often see in the Chinese wedding ceremony.

There are two parts in this jacket, the upper part and the lower part.

Different from the Qipao's self-cultivation, the jacket style of Xiuhe suit is mainly loose, with the shape like a mandarin jacket.

The lower part of the jacket is still a long skirt, but the pleats are subtracted to make the bride look elegant.

What are the wearing taboos of Xiuhe clothes

1. Avoid light makeup

Xiuhe suit is originally the red and fiery color. If the makeup tone is too monotonous and light, it can't have enough aura to match Xiuhe suit.

Generally speaking, the bride who is dressed in Xiuhe clothes should use the positive red lipstick and a little bit of makeup.

2. Avoid pockets

In traditional Chinese customs, it is unlucky for the bride to take away her family's wealth if she has a pocket on her dress.

Therefore, the bride must pay attention to the selection of Xiuhe clothes, and never choose Xiuhe clothes with pockets.