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Why should spring festival give lucky money? How much money is suitable for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival of 2019 is coming soon. I often look forward to the new year when I was a child, because I can wear new clothes and get lucky money. Now I work, I just want to have a holiday earlier and I'm glad that I don't have to give lucky money to children for the time being. So what's the origin of new year's money? How much money is suitable?

The origin of Spring Festival money

Many people know that new year's Eve is to give money, in fact, is also to have a good wish, but the origin is also to have a good hope. The new year's money originated from the "New Year's money", which originated in the Western Han Dynasty. From the end of Qing Dynasty to the beginning of the Republic of China, there were casting words and auspicious patterns such as "long live", "get rid of misfortune" and dragon and Phoenix, tortoise and snake, Pisces and so on.

In ancient times, there were many monsters. In order to resist monsters, many people would put money on their bodies and pray for blessings in order to have a good expectation. As an ornament worn by children, the original meaning was mainly to suppress the evil and to pray for blessings. "Lucky money" is also used as money for children's washing (money given to children for bathing at full moon), which later evolved into "lucky money" for Spring Festival. Therefore, people call this kind of money "lucky money". The pronunciation of "lucky money" is the same as "year old". It is called "lucky money" for a long time.

How much is the Spring Festival money

How much money you give for new year's Eve has something to do with the local economic environment, which is generally 200.300. However, the economic situation of each family is different, and it is the best when you realize it. On the topic of how much money to give for new year's Eve, most people choose 500 yuan and 600 yuan, accounting for 70% of the total. There are 10% people who choose less than 500 yuan, ranging from 200 yuan to 300 yuan, and the remaining 20% choose more than 600 yuan.

We still need to pay attention to a standard for the relationship between relatives, but it's also the best to give according to the human feelings and the bearing capacity of ourselves. In general, if children of such relatives want red envelopes, we have to give them, generally between 100-300. Because of occasional contact, we still need to give red envelopes in theory. How much can we afford.

Human relationship society still needs to pay attention to many problems. For most people, the best thing is to see the degree of relationship, and the right thing is the best. For the relatives who often contact with each other, such relatives interact frequently with their families and often communicate with each other. Then, such relatives and children usually give 300-500 red envelopes. Because of frequent interaction, the amount of money is too small, and it is easy to be inconsistent with the relationship layer, so such relatives generally 300-500 are suitable after all.