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What are the router password steps? What should be paid attention to when changing router password

Today, most homes have broadband and routers. Sometimes we need to change the login password of the router to prevent others from logging in our router to make arbitrary changes. So what are the steps to change the router password? Let's learn about it next.

To modify the router password: enter its management interface

1. Generally, the default login account name and password of the router are admin. Users in the router network can log in to the router management interface through the default router account password.

2. The general administrator will change the default router login password to prevent users from modifying router access parameters, setting speed limits, etc., which will affect the use of the router. It is also true that such misbehaved people exist.

3. First, enter the router's default login address in the browser window URL window (different brands of routers may be different, please see the nameplate on the router's shell), then press enter, and the router login box will pop up.

4. We all belong to the default admin in the user name and password. Routers of different brands may be different. We need to pay attention to the nameplate on the router shell, which usually has detailed information.

To change the router password: change the router password

5. After that, we successfully entered the router management interface, and then we found "system tools" in the menu on the left of the router management interface, and we can see that there is "modify login password".

6. Click change password, the right side will pop up the change password dialog box, then input the default user name and password first, and fill in the new user name and password below, please fill in by yourself.

7. After completion, click finish below to successfully modify the router login password. If you want to log in to the router next time, you cannot log in with the default account. You need to set the password to log in.

8. When setting the router password, it's better to use the router login password in a more complex form, because today's technology is really developed, and those universal WiFi keys can easily crack those simple router passwords.

Steps of modifying router password: precautions

1. Disable remote management of routers

Generally, routers have a function that allows the IP of the external network to control the routing. This function is not available to users, and can be turned off. Many routers are turned off by default.

2. Modify router default IP address

The default IP of most routers is Hackers can pretend to be this IP to communicate with client machines after accessing the LAN. This is the principle of ARP attack. For the sake of security, change the IP.

3. Set black and white list

If the password is broken, the black-and-white list can be blocked. Black and white list can set MAC address, IP address, and black and white list for some domain names. Especially after setting up the white list, hackers have little chance to connect to the router.

4. Change administrator account password

I believe that many routes do not have administrator account and password set, that is, the default admin / admin can enter the background management. In this way, hackers can directly control the firmware of the background upgrade route, and then they can do whatever they want for the client machine. Therefore, it is recommended that the user change the account and password.

5. Do not put the router in the public area

Some people put the route outside, on the roof and other places, so that others can access the route, so no matter what you set, they can just press the reset key to restore the factory settings, and then the control right is taken away by him. So physical security should also be done well. After all, if there is a problem in this layer, other work will be done for nothing.