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How to eat Cordyceps has the best effect? Efficacy and function of Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis, also known as Cordyceps, is a kind of Cordyceps. It is also a kind of precious Chinese medicine, whose price is comparable to gold. There are hundreds of Cordyceps species in the world, mainly produced in the Qinghai Tibet region. The most famous one is Cordyceps. Winter wormwood belongs to ergot fungus family. It is usually parasitized on the larva or corpse of bat family, and the complex of animals and plants is finally produced.

So what's the effect of Cordyceps sinensis as a tonic in people's eyes?

1. Improve body immunity

The immune system of people's body is very important. It's a powerful tool to fight against the virus. It's called "army". If the immune system of the human body operates normally, it can effectively resist all kinds of tumor cells and prevent malignant lesions. Cordyceps sinensis can keep the human immune system in the best defense state and has a strong effect on the human body. No matter your body immune system is in the state of too many or too few immune cells, it can help you adjust to the most appropriate state and resist the attack of foreign bacteria.

2. Resistance to tumor cells

It is said that Cordyceps has a great effect on the human immune system, and it can not only help normal people to resist the invasion of tumor cells, but also help cancer patients to treat. Its extract can inhibit or even kill tumor cells. Cordycepin contained in Cordyceps sinensis is an important factor in the fight against cancer cells, the most significant fight against stomach and lung cancer.

3. Regulate the internal organs function of the body

Cordyceps sinensis can improve the load capacity of human viscera, for example, it can have a certain effect on heart rate disorders; it can also help clean up toxic substances in the liver. In addition, Cordyceps sinensis can reduce the possibility of renal disease, and regular use can also enhance renal function.

4. Dredge blood vessels and regulate blood lipid

Regular consumption of Cordyceps can dredge blood vessels and regulate blood lipids. To keep the blood circulation in the blood vessels smooth and the blood circulation system healthy and normal, if there is atherosclerotic patients, the symptoms can be reduced; if not, long-term use can reduce the possibility of atherosclerosis in the blood vessels. In addition, it can keep cholesterol and other indexes in the blood normal.

5. Improve respiratory system

Because Cordyceps has the function of expanding human trachea, people with respiratory diseases can improve their respiratory system by taking Cordyceps for a long time, so as to achieve the purpose of alleviating the disease. People who are not worried about the disease can also take it as a precaution.

So how to eat Cordyceps, in order to maximize the actual effect?

1. Boiling water

This is the simplest and most direct way to retain the active ingredients. It can be ground into powder shape, when the herbal tea granules are washed; it can also be directly boiled with the whole piece of Cordyceps sinensis, and then soaked for about five minutes, drinking. When you have no taste, take out the caterpillar fungus and chew it.

2. soup

It can be matched with some ingredients, such as pigeon, turtle, male duck, etc., which can increase the resistance to cancer. It is very effective to drink Cordyceps sinensis Soup for a long time to prevent cancer in the early stage.

3. Make dumplings

If you think the boiling water is too monotonous or the soup is a little troublesome, you can try to chop the winter worm grass into pieces and mix it with the meat foam, add some agaric or winter mushroom, and wrap it as dumpling stuffing. After steaming, you can eat delicious and good for your health.

4. porridge

Wash the japonica rice, put in a proper amount of ice sugar and cook it over a low heat. After cooking it into porridge, sprinkle some powder of winter wormwood and bletilla, mix it evenly, stew it for a few minutes and then eat it. It is beneficial to the function of lungs and kidneys.