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What are three new changes in social security in 2019? Pensionable loans

Social security is mainly for the purpose of providing people with a living guarantee when they are old and have no source of income. When they have paid the social security for 15 years, when they reach the legal retirement age, they can go to the social security department to apply for retirement with materials and certificates, and after passing the examination, they can get a pension on a monthly basis. So what are the three new changes in social security this year, and how will they affect our lives? Let's take a look.

The first change is that since 2019, the one-time supplementary payment policy has been cancelled and can no longer be made.

When this policy was not cancelled before, those who have not paid the social security, or have reached the retirement age, or have not paid the full number of years of social security, will pay the social security in a lump sum, about 90000 yuan in a lump sum, so that they can basically pay all the social security for these 15 years, so that they can immediately retire to receive pension. But now there is no supplementary payment policy, and it can't be paid again, so this policy will affect everyone more or less. As for how to do it, you can find the answer in other articles of the editor.

The second change is that the payment of social security is no longer collected by the social security department, but transferred to the tax department for collection and social security fund management.

Now the social security has changed to be checked by the tax department, so the supervision of social security will be easy to check the payment of social security, so enterprises can't pay the payment to employees casually, that is to say, the protection of workers will be further strengthened.

The third change is the payment of social security loans.

This change is mainly about the welfare of farmers' friends. For those farmers whose families are more upset, they can apply for bank loans with the local government to pay for endowment insurance. The interest of this kind of loans is very low, so after retirement, they start to get pension, and then take part of the pension to pay back the bank's loan, and they can still have a lot of pension to live.

There are '3 changes' in social security in 2019, involving social security payment and retirement, which concerns everyone. The welfare policy of social security is very good news for you. To a certain extent, it can increase the proportion of social insurance payment. If you want to have a better life in your old age, you'd better pay social security. Now you can't make up the payment, and you'd better not break the payment.