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What's the difference between red heart pitaya and white heart pitaya? Is red heart pitaya cool

There are two kinds of pitaya, red heart and white heart. It is a kind of fruit with good health care effect. Pitaya has a unique taste and rich nutrition, which makes it one of the most favorite fruits for people to eat. Do you know the difference between red heart and white heart? Is red heart a cool fruit?

1. The taste is different. It has a lot to do with the variety. In general, red heart pitaya is better than white heart pitaya in taste. Its sugar content is more than 15 degrees. It tastes sweet but not greasy.

2. The nutritional value is different. In addition to the better taste, the nutritional value of red heart pitaya is also much higher than that of white heart pitaya. Red heart pitaya has deep color and higher carotene content. Carotene is one of the most effective antioxidants against free radicals, which helps to improve immunity and protect the fiber part of the eye crystal.

3. The prices are different. The price of red heart pitaya is higher than that of white heart pitaya. There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, today's red heart pitaya are generally imported from Vietnam, with high cost. On the other hand, consumers are no longer satisfied with the common varieties of fruits, and the high-grade imported fruits like red heart pitaya are more and more popular. At the same time, consumers are more confident in the safety and quality of imported fruits.

No matter red heart or white heart, there are three ways to choose dragon fruit:

Look at the appearance. Bright color, smooth skin and no rot are the best fruits.

Look at the color. The redder the skin, the better, the redder it is.

3. Test weight. The heavier the juice, the fuller the pulp.

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, red heart huolongguo as a cool food can help patients with hypertension to play an auxiliary treatment, huolongguo has the role of clearing heat and reducing blood pressure.

Red heart pitaya has the elements of promoting health, beauty, disease prevention and health. Its branches and flowers contain a lot of nutritional and therapeutic substances. It can effectively prevent constipation, promote eye health care, increase bone density, help the formation of cell membrane, prevent anemia and anti neuritis, angular stomatitis, reduce cholesterol, whiten the skin and prevent black spots. In addition, it has the effects of relieving heavy metal poisoning, anti free radicals, preventing senile lesions, slimming, preventing colorectal cancer and so on. The latest research results show that the juice of the fruit and stem of pitaya fruit also has a positive effect on tumor growth, virus and immune response inhibition.

So, is red heart pitaya a cool fruit?

Cool fruit refers to the fruit with cold nature, which has the effect of relieving dryness and heat. In summer, fruits are mostly cool. People with hot constitution can eat more cold and cool fruits properly. Generally speaking, people with hot constitution have strong metabolism in summer, sympathetic nerve is dominant, sweating is frequent, face is red, mouth is dry, irritable, and constipated easily. They especially like to eat cool things in summer.

In the natural state, the pitaya fruit ripens in summer and autumn, tastes sweet and juicy. It is rich in nutrition and unique in function. It contains plant albumin and anthocyanin, rich in vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber.