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How to manage the curly hair? Wool curly hair helps you take care of your hair easily

This year's most popular hairstyle is woolen roll hairstyle, but many people feel that it's very troublesome to take care of it after ironing. So how to take care of woolen roll best? Today's Xiaobian will teach you! But Xiaobian still has to advise Meizhi not to try this hairstyle easily.

In fact, it's best to take care of woolen curls. Customers and hairdressers who have experienced the age of screw heads will take care of them. Is it so complicated? Because woolen curls are mostly made by cold ironing, and the characteristics of cold ironing is that the effect of wet hair is good, and the elasticity of hair is weakened after drying, and even there is a sense of chaos, so it must be used Moisturized styling products can keep the hair semi humid and see a bunch of spiral curls.

How to handle the wool roll:

1. After shampooing, comb your hair first;

2. Apply elastin or moisturizing modeling products in wet hair state, and be sure to apply evenly;

3. The hair dryer is half dry, do not blow on one part, it is easy to blow;

4. Insert your fingers into your hair to comb your hair. If there is dryness in the part, apply some elastin and other modeling products;

5. Then it's good to air dry naturally. Keep this state, don't comb your hair repeatedly or with your fingers, because the hair surface is covered with elastin and other modeling products, which will give you more luster and moisture. If you comb your hair, you will destroy this feeling, and you will be manic. If you need to comb your hair, spray it with wet hair or stick water on your hands, it will not be easy to get fidgety or explosive.

When you are in the barber shop, the hairdresser will dry it with a hood, which can effectively protect the curl from being perpendicular to the hot wind. But when you are at home with a hair dryer, you can't master the temperature and skills well. It's easy to blow your hair and form the feeling of exploding your head. Therefore, it is suggested that wet combs should be combed smoothly. After applying elastin, warm air should be blown half dry in a long distance. In order to maximize the protection of curl, I will not be blown straight by the blower. Or just use a hair dryer to dry the hair roots. Use two or three dry towels to dry the hair below. The effect is more natural and beautiful than that of a hood coax. You can also try it.

Hot perm wool roll is relatively easy to handle, which has something to do with the way of perm. After hot ironing, the hair roll is not easy to deform, even more elastic than the wet hair state. This way, the hot wool roll does not need to be taken care of and is not too messy. But hot ironing is not easy to iron to the root of the hair, so hot and cold ironing out of the wool roll is different.