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Why does South Korean drama sky city stop broadcasting? Reasons for the suspension of Air City

What's the reason for the suspension of sky city? Recently, the popular Korean drama was suddenly announced to be suspended, which made many domestic loyal audiences can't accept. What's the situation? The reason for the suspension is to give way to the world cup. It seems that South Korea attaches great importance to the world cup.

The city of the sky stops Broadcasting:

The popular Korean drama "the city of the sky" was closed on the 25th. As soon as the news came out, many netizens expressed their surprise. At present, the drama has a high degree of attention, which disappointed fans.

On January 23, according to South Korean media reports, jtbc confirmed that the news of "sky city" was suspended on January 25.

What are the reasons for the suspension of air city

The reason for the suspension is related to the Asia Cup final 8. Recently, people around the Korean drama "the city of the sky" were almost chasing after them. Suddenly, the news of the suspension of broadcasting came out, which was really regrettable.

On January 23, according to South Korean media reports, jtbc said that it had decided to stop broadcasting the 19th episode of sky city, which will be broadcast on January 25, because it is going to broadcast the Asia Cup final 8 match between South Korea and Qatar. '

I'm going to be disappointed. How can I miss such a wonderful story? I hope it's time to replay it.

According to the plan, the last episode of sky city will be broadcast on the 26th. But South Korea and Qatar's eight strong match will begin at 10:00 p.m. on the 25th, the broadcast time of "sky city".

Jtbc is broadcasting the Asian Cup exclusively, so it's inevitable to stop broadcasting sky city.

Before that, there were even fans who prayed that the South Korean team would not be in the top 8, just to watch the series on time.

Once the Korean drama "city of the sky" was broadcast, it attracted the attention of many netizens. Many people stayed up late to catch up with the drama.

It is reported that the 18th episode of "sky city" has set a national rating of 22.316% for charging platform, which has set the highest rating record in the history of charging platform in South Korea.