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Do you know who the small and medium-sized Shen's actors are? What's the final result of Xiao Shen

Whether the TV drama is very hot or not, it seems that people around Xiaobian are chasing the drama, but most of them are for xiaogongye and yingbaolai. In the play, Ying Bao plays Sheng minglan, who is not in a high position in the family. Although he has not been treated badly, he is not favored. In the latest plot, minglan makes friends with the empress's younger sister, Xiao Shen, and becomes a close friend of her boudoir. Who did Xiao Shen perform and what was the final result?

Do you know who played the little Shen

It is reported that the actor Wang Yijie plays the role of little Shen in the TV play "whether you know it or not".

Maybe many audiences don't know her very well. Wang Yijie's works are not many. Although she has participated in many works before, they are all minor supporting roles. Wang Yijie plays Li Sixi in the TV play "the White Dew of dragon subdues for frost"; Xi Wen in the TV play "the eternal song"; GE Lingze in the TV play "alone in the world"; this time, Xiao Shen is played in "knowing whether or not it should be green, fat, red and thin". The scenes that she plays with Zhao Liying still impress the audience.

Little Shen's first appearance in "whether you know it or not" was fishing with minglan. Little Shen's sister married the little general of Zheng's family. She had a very powerful sister-in-law. Her parents' sister-in-law was famous for "everyone", and she was very strong. Little Shen was a lively and outgoing person. Her mother-in-law's sister-in-law was a British public daughter and little Zou's sister-in-law. She almost died of anger. Her mother-in-law's sister-in-law was Zheng's, Love her as your mother-in-law, these people are very good people. The first daughter of the British Duke, the wife of Shen Guoshu, and minglan. They are the best three sisters in the imperial women's group in the capital. It's also her blessing that minglan can make friends with little Shen. After all, little Shen is the Queen's sister, whose role can be imagined.

Knowing the ending of Xiao Shen

Little Shen's ending in the play should be very happy, because she has a noble identity and a harmonious family. After she became a girl friend with minglan, she also helped her a lot. The relationship between the two is very good, and minglan also entered the lady circle of Bianjing through little Shen's.

After the plot, the small Shen family played a great role in the Ming LAN overthrowing the small Qin family. With the support of the small Shen family and the empress, Ming Lan's reputation in the Beijing gentlewoman circle is getting better and better. Before that, the little Qin family always slandered minglan. Everyone doubted her character. Now there are empress and little Shen's guarantee for minglan's character. In addition, little Shen's sister-in-law has a strong voice in the women's families in the capital. She also likes minglan very much. For a long time, these women murmured in their hearts that the queen and others did not need to lie, so it must be the little Qin family who lied.

In addition, the little Shen saved the minglan family and the Gu tingye family. Later, his younger sister, the little Shen family, often came to play with minglan. He once said to minglan that the official family had been trying to get rid of their troubles recently. Some of them should be taught the lesson. The situation in the dynasty was unstable, and now it has been judged, Just want to deal with it. Since ancient times, the emperor has done so. There are so many twists and turns in the palace. I can only tell you so much. You can choose other ones yourself. Minglan is also shocked when she learns this. She is good anyway, but Gu Er is in danger. After Gu Er comes back, she immediately lets Gu Er escape!