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How many people gathered from Alipay? What are the five fortune cards

#The collection of five blessings has started again, and so soon someone has gathered five blessings. Within 10 seconds, if you want to transfer the most complete collection of blessings, you must want flower cards and professional blessings! Please bring me the next king of Koi! So far, there are nearly 150000 people who have collected five blessings. Is that a good idea?

The Alipay five blessing Project Group officially announced that Alipay set up the five welfare activities will start on January 25th (Friday). As a 'ceremony' for Chinese new year, this year's five blessings retain several classic playing methods. Players can still get the card through ar sweeping, forest watering and farm chicken feeding. In addition, Alipay has added a new answer to this year's issue of "Fu card", so that everyone can receive safety education at the same time. This year's bonus is the same as last year's, with a total of 500 million cash bonus.

On this basis, users also have the opportunity to follow ant forest to see trees, European football tournaments, and a small number of lucky eggs. Among them, the biggest colored egg is: all users of jiwufu will irrigate a forest through ant forest, and it is estimated that tens of thousands of mu of new spring lucky forest will be planted in the desertification area of Keyouzhong banner. This gift is more meaningful than a cash reward. This year, Alipay's collection of five dividends is almost the same as last year. It can still be collected by sweeping or scanning AR's word "Fu". If there is no accident, Wu Fu should still be dedicated, prosperous and strong, harmonious and prosperous, patriotic and friendly. In addition to the five FU melon bonus package,

This year, there are also more rewards for the five FU scratch card on the back of the fuka. Lucky little friends have the opportunity to get 1 million yuan of experience gold of the whole year, Taobao empty shopping cart, 15 days free payment in New Year's spring, 2019 European National League tour, taopiao whole year movie viewing, etc., which are very promising.