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What is the most cost-effective way to travel to South Korea? List of necessary items for Korean Tou

South Korean tourism, shopping is essential, almost everyone is a package of small packages of home. What's cheaper to buy in Korea? Take a look at the shopping list recommended by Xiaobian. In fact, many people go to Korea to buy cosmetics. For girls, I think they will like it.

Skin care products

The duty-free shop in Seoul is just a paradise for cleaning up goods. The goods are complete and the price is too low, especially cosmetics.


South Korea's good-looking clothes do not need to say more, the quality is good, although the domestic website all kinds of South Korean original single logo, but the true and false we do not know. And to go to South Korea, with a few favorite and cost-effective clothes, is the choice of most people.

J. Estina Necklace

You must be familiar with the necklace with the little crown logo when watching Korean dramas. Their accessories often appear in various forms in Korean dramas. The simple and generous shape is loved by many Korean actresses.. J. Estina necklace has a moderate price. At present, there are few domestic counters (only one in Shanghai). When you come to South Korea, you must sweep as much as you like!


South Korea's backpacks are various and cost-effective, especially MCM backpacks. Now, MCM is purchased by a South Korean company, so South Korea is the cheapest place to buy MCM in the world.

Zhengguanzhuang black ginseng tea

Korean ginseng is so famous, how can we not send it to the duty-free shop? Korean ginseng has a warm nature, unlike other ginseng, it will be angry and nosebleed when drinking, and it has the function of replenishing energy and strengthening resistance. Red ginseng is also a good kind of ginseng. It's good for your health to drink a bag of black ginseng tea every day!

Snacks (gourmet)

If you go into a supermarket or convenience store in Seoul, you will be dazzled by the exquisite and full of goods on the shelves. Most of the snacks in Seoul are packaged delicately. Many girls can't resist these attractive packages and buy them in large quantities. But let alone, they are really good!

Thick chilli sauce

When it comes to Korean stone pot bibimbap, the essence is the paste on the rice. A lot of people in South Korea have had a lot of aftertaste. They always want to make it at home. With this magical hot sauce, I will make Korean so easy at home.

Pickle / pickle biscuit

Kimchi is a magical existence in Korea. Everyone who comes to Korea will surely fully realize the importance of kimchi in their mind. From pickled rice to pickled cake, you can stick some pickles with all the dishes you can think of. Now even snacks and kimchi have cooperated. You've never heard of kimchi biscuits before. This is also a product that Chinese tourists must purchase when they come to Korea. It's spicy and tastes like kimchi. It's delicious!

Exquisite small items

Korea's things are well made and beautiful in appearance. From the common pen to towels and boxes, all kinds of small items are very popular. If you go to Korea, you can bring some back.