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How much is the new rural insurance cost? Payment standard of new rural insurance in 2019

In recent years, both urban and rural development is getting better and better, especially in rural areas, so to speak, the process of development is quite large. In particular, many preferential policies have been implemented, so how much does the new rural insurance need to pay in a year?

New rural insurance payment standard how much money the new rural insurance pays is cost-effective or not, in fact, depends on the cost performance between the actual payment and the actual collection. Considering that no matter what kind of payment standard, after receiving 139, the principal can be returned, so 139 will be taken as the number of payment months.

Then, the calculation formula of monthly pension is: monthly pension = (annual pension premium + corresponding government subsidies) / 139 + basic pension.

According to the latest policy of 2018, the current basic pension of urban and rural residents in China is 88 yuan per month per capita. Next, we will take the basic pension of 2018 as the standard, and calculate the monthly pension according to different payment grades. Assuming that the payment grade is 100 yuan per year, the monthly pension received after 15 years of payment is: (100 + 30) & times; 15 / 139 + 88 = 102.03. Assuming that the payment grade is 200 yuan per year, the monthly pension received after 15 years of payment is: (200 + 35) & times; 15 / 139 + 88 = 113.36.

According to the relevant policies of the state, the annual payment standard of the new rural insurance is divided into 8 grades, i.e. 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan, 500 yuan, 600 yuan, 700 yuan and 800 yuan. After 15 years of payment, farmers can choose their own payment grades and pay more.

In addition, in addition to the part of individual payment, it also includes the part of collective subsidy and government subsidy. The part of collective subsidy varies greatly in different regions, while the government subsidy is 30 yuan for 100 yuan, 35 yuan for 200 yuan, 40 yuan for 300 yuan, 45 yuan for 400 yuan, and 50 yuan for more than 500 yuan.

To sum up, if the payment grades of the new rural insurance are different, then there will be some differences in receiving pension. As for how much is the new rural insurance cost? It depends on your own situation. It is most important to choose the payment grade that suits you.