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What's the date of Valentine's day in 2019? How romantic is Valentine's day with your girlfriend

Every year, lovers have a lively life. What's the date of 2019? Every year, Valentine's Day is fixed on February 14. It seems that this year's Valentine's Day is still in the first month, so how can Valentine's day and girlfriend be more romantic?

When is Valentine's Day 2019? Is February 14 Valentine's Day

You're right. February 14, 2019 is Valentine's day, and Valentine's Day is Thursday, so there may not be so much time for Valentine's day~

How romantic is Valentine's day with your girlfriend

1. A warm dinner

There is a saying on the Internet that only food and love can live up to it. Now many girls are eating, it's hard to resist the temptation of delicious food. It's better to make a big dinner by yourself on this day. They go shopping in the mall, participate in Valentine's Day activities in the mall, buy ingredients for cooking together in the evening by the way, and then return to the place where they live. They happily prepare dinner together, and then stay together all the time.

2. Warm words

If possible, take her to the seaside or a place with beautiful and quiet scenery, walk hand in hand, and talk about things and love words carefully, which is very simple but warm. You can also write a love letter, release the deep love in your heart, and pursue those first love moments!

3. Decorate romantic room

Romantic Valentine's day, you can decorate the room with pink balloons, or add a bunch of tender lights. Decorate the room attentively, let her feel the incomparable surprise at the moment of entering the door, carry on the romance of Valentine's day to the end!

How romantic is Valentine's day with your girlfriend

4. A romantic honeymoon trip

Flowers, chocolate, candlelight dinner, none of these women should not like. But does Valentine's day seem to be very creative? Valentine's day can arrange a short trip, put aside the troubles in study and work for a while, go to another place to experience different customs and customs, experience different cuisines, and enjoy a little bit of romance.

5. A date of two

After dinner, many couples like to go out for shopping, see movies or even parties. In fact, this is not a good choice. On Valentine's day, the streets and cinemas must be crowded, which completely destroys the romantic atmosphere. In such a night, you can hold your lover's hand, kiss in the deserted alley, walk along the river with gentle breeze, and look at the night scene on the top of the city's tallest building to recall the past. Back home, take out the prepared snacks, turn on the computer, cuddle to watch a love movie. Romance, sometimes it's that simple!

6. Watch a movie

The most romantic thing I can think of is to watch a movie with you. The most beautiful thing is that we have food, drink, watch and you in the cinema. We snuggle together, hold a bucket of popcorn, and watch a moving movie. It's plain but practical.

7. Surprise confession or proposal

Many girls like such sudden surprise and romance. If I propose to each other on such a good day, I think it will have a good effect. Of course, the more formal the proposal is, the better. Give each other a surprise. This day will be a memorable memory.

How to celebrate Valentine's day

How romantic is Valentine's day with your wife

Many girls will complain that after a man gets married, he doesn't spoil himself as much as before. Some boys will use the excuse of 'all old husbands and wives, and what Valentine's Day' to perfunctory their wives, which will hurt girls. How can I spend Valentine's day with my wife?

1. The man cooks for his wife. After getting married, are boys used to the fact that their wives are busy at home and haven't cooked a meal for their wives for a long time? On Valentine's day, a man can simply arrange his family, buy a red wine, fry a steak, and spend romantic time at home with his wife.

2. Buy a bunch of roses for your wife on Valentine's day. Rose is a gift to express love. Buy a bunch of 99 roses, which means long love and marriage.

3. Take a picture together on Valentine's day. Although cell phone photography is very smart now, couples can also have their own little romance. It's a good Valentine's Day gift to take a photo together.

How to spend Valentine's day with your daughter

As the saying goes, a daughter is a little lover of his father's last life. How can a boy with children live a romantic Valentine's day with his daughter? Today's Valentine's day in 2018 is just the day before New Year's Eve. It's perfect for a family of three to celebrate Valentine's Day together.

1. Go to the amusement park on Valentine's day. Merry go round, Ocean Museum, roller coaster, Ferris wheel, these are all like by my daughter and my wife. Happy Valentine's day in the amusement park.

2. Go to the concert together. You can go to a concert with your wife and daughter on Valentine's day. Music can always give you a warm and inspiring positive energy.