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How much does it cost to have a catering business license? What is the process of handling the cater

In many investment projects, the catering industry has many types, a wide range, easy entry, flexible investment, rich profits, and the market lasts forever. Therefore, whether novice or experienced, they are all interested in it and intend to start to create wealth. However, how much does it cost to have a catering business license? What is the process of handling the catering business license? As for the license handling of catering business license, each industry has its own characteristics, and there are different regulations in the investor's location. Next, the editor will introduce the license handling fees and procedures for catering projects

1. Name pre registration: to apply for the catering nutrition license, it needs to be pre approved, with relevant materials: identity certificate or the identity certificate of the client; the application for pre registration of the name of individual business; other documents and certificates required by laws, regulations and policies to be submitted, go to the local Administration of industry and Commerce for pre registration of the name.

Cost: cost

2. Sewage discharge permit: to apply to the license office of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the jurisdiction, two conditions shall be met: 1. There shall be no residential building upstairs; 2. Sewage shall be incorporated into the municipal sewage pipeline. Before the shop is determined to rent or decorate, it is necessary to consult with the environmental protection department in advance, and assign a special person to visit the site for field survey.

Cost: no restaurants

3. Catering service license: apply to the food and Drug Administration of the jurisdiction for health examination of restaurant employees, and receive food hygiene knowledge training. Under the condition of qualified inspection and training, in addition, it needs to be inspected: 1. Whether the hygiene measures are complete, such as disinfection and cleaning; 2. Whether the area ratio of processing place and business place is up to, with different sections and requirements.

Expenses: 110 yuan for health certificate, including 65 yuan for physical examination, 25 yuan for training and 20 yuan for cost, subject to local regulations.

4. Business license for Industry and Commerce: after the emission permit and health permit are obtained, the certificate, house rental certificate, ID card and other materials shall be applied for the business license from the Administration for Industry and commerce. According to the regulations, before opening and when decorating, it is necessary to apply for approval from the fire department.

Cost: cost

5. Other: now, we can get the business license. After that, we can handle the organization code certificate, seal engraving, tax registration and other matters. These are very simple, and the cost is very small, so we won't go over them one by one.

Cost: Stamp 500 yuan, subject to local regulations.

So far, how much is the catering business license? How to handle the catering business license? The above is the arrangement of the small edition for you. It can be seen that there is not much money for business license. What is needed is a complete set of materials, which mainly costs time. As for the cost, it is the physical examination fee, cost of production and so on. Xiaobian believes that with the progress of the times, the trend of intelligence is obvious, and the process of handling the certificate will be more efficient. Therefore, the time, the land, the people and the time are not waiting for me, and the enterprisers are willing to start now!