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What is the function of Huawei's first Tiangang chip? The world's first 5g base station core chip

On the morning of January 24, 2019, Huawei launched the industry's first chip for 5g, named Tiangang chip. What's the role of Huawei's first Tiangang chip? Learn about the world's first 5g base station core chip.

1、 Ultra high integration

Integration degree refers to the number of components that can be contained on a chip, that is to say, the higher the integration degree is, the more components can be contained. The higher the integration level, the simpler the chip calculation and the less information the chip can hold. The ultra-high integration of Tiangang chip shows that the calculation of this chip is very simple and the amount of information it contains is very small.

2、 Superelevation computing power

This time, the computing power of Tiangang chip increased by 2.5 times. What is computational power? In short, it is the conversion ability of the chip, such as converting video into code and outputting it to the computer. The super computing power of Huawei Tiangang chip can process super complex data in a very short time.

3、 Size and energy consumption decrease

This time, Tiangang chip is much smaller than the traditional chip in size. Although the integration and computing power are improved, the power consumption is not increased but decreased, which is the characteristic of high-tech chips.

4、 Direct upgrade

With the birth of this chip, most of the base stations in the market can be upgraded directly to 5g, which means that 4GL 5g can be upgraded directly without changing the power supply or power supply, which greatly facilitates the upgrade of 5g.

5、 Reduce base station weight

The weight of the base station will be reduced by about 23%, which will make Tiangang chip more intelligent in all aspects. What's more shocking is that Tiangang chip base station with AI technology can greatly reduce energy consumption, even up to 99%.