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Is the essence of the little green bottle good for use? How to use the little green bottle

Nowadays, skin care is no longer the cream of traditional concepts. As the essence of skin care, essence has become an essential part of MM. Do you think it's easy to use the cream of small green bottle? Do you know the correct way to use it?

How to use the little green bottle

To use the little green bottle, just press the little green bottle, take a proper amount of product, and then pat it evenly on the face skin. After using the little green floral bottle, the normal skin care procedures are started: toner, essence, lotion and cream.

A little green bottle should be used immediately after cleansing. Many people may think that a little green bottle is the essence of a small green bottle. It should be used after toner. However, it is similar to an imported essence, so it can not be used alone as a cream.

Here, I would like to remind MM again that the small green bottle is used in front of the water. MM must pay attention to this! Oh, because the small green bottle is the essence of introduction, and it needs to be used immediately after cleansing. This is different from other essence water, and the essence water is used after water.

Because it's 3 seconds to replenish water, it's 3 seconds after washing, so it's better to use it after washing. But this is mainly an imported essence, its effect is to enhance the skin's moisturizing ability, relieve dry and dry feeling after cleansing, so that the subsequent skin care products to absorb better. After massage, it can be absorbed very well. There is no excess greasy and greasy feeling on the back surface, but the skin will be soft and tender. After that, it's OK to continue the follow-up maintenance.

The usage of small green bottle

The order of use is before cleansing, before toner! That is to say, the sequence of use is: &rarr, water &rarr, &rarr, eye cream &rarr, face cream.

In the first procedure after facial cleaning, within 3 seconds after facial cleaning, apply appropriate amount to the face and neck gently, relieve the dry feeling of water shortage after facial cleaning, so that the following steps can be better absorbed. Gently massage with your fingers, pat the skin, make the skin fully absorbed! There is no excess greasy and sticky feeling on the back surface, only the skin is tender, and then continue the follow-up maintenance. Then start the normal maintenance order of water cream.

Misunderstandings in the use of small green bottles

1, the small green bottle is actually the muscle base fluid. As the name suggests, it should be used to lock the moisture for the skin before cleansing and all skin care procedures, so as to better absorb the following skin care products. The sequence of use is: &rarr, water &rarr, emulsion &rarr, eye cream &rarr, face cream!

Comment: although it is the essence, it is more like water, squeezed on the back of the hand, like dew on the tea in the morning. On the back of the upright hand, it will see her clear figure slowly flowing down, very refreshing. With a gentle beating, the magic happens, and the essence absorbs quickly. The faint aroma of green tea is fresh and elegant. It is a breath of silence.

It's very easy to absorb, fresh and non greasy. It can be absorbed by squeezing a pump, spreading evenly and patting gently for 3-5 seconds. The skin will become moist, tender and not tense at all. Then use the follow-up skin care products. The skin is obviously more moist than using water emulsion alone, and the makeup is more durable and perfect!

2. After using the yueshifengyin small green bottle, we should continue to finish the follow-up skin care steps. Although yueshifengyin small green bottle has the function of locking water, we should not be too naive. Locking water only slows down the speed of skin moisture loss, not 100% locking water, and it is unrealistic to simply rely on it to replenish water!

Mm with oily skin said that in the evening, you only use a little green bottle to sing poems and wind. After you wake up, your skin is still fresh, but in fact, your skin is already hungry and thirsty, but you don't know it! So don't save the following skin care steps! Don't be lazy, which is also responsible for your skin!

If you have any doubts about this, you can test that the skin will be moistened more than the water alone if you use the toner after using the green bottle. The skin is painted with Clinique butter after bottoming with a small green bottle, which will be more glossy than the butter alone.