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What is high speed ect? How to apply for ECT card

If you don't want to wait in line for the Spring Festival, you can choose to take etc channel instead of waiting in line to pay special fees. If you want to take the etc channel, you need to have an etc card. How to apply for an etc card? Here are three ways to teach you.

Etc business point handling

We can go to the special business office for etc, register in the business office and fill in the form. The etc handled in the outlet is a special stored value card, the most troublesome is recharge, which needs to be recharged in wechat or the outlet, and the recharge process is complicated. At the same time, the owner needs to pay 360 yuan for the equipment. But the biggest advantage is speed.

Alipay management

We have to say that Alipay is really powerful and brings us many conveniences in our life. Idle away in seeking pleasure, Alipay can fix everything. Even high speed toll can be used by Alipay ETC. The specific method is in Alipay's' sesame credit ', clicking' more services', you can find "high-speed ETC'icon", sesame credit score of more than 550 can be applied online. But if you want to enjoy the Alipay ETC function, you will have to pay 298 yuan for the equipment cost.

Bank card processing

A lot of banks in order to let you do cards, but also launched can do etc card, concessions are still very large. At present, Bank of China, ICBC, CCB, ABC, Huaxia, Ping An, Everbright and other banks have launched etc business. As long as the corresponding debit card or credit card is bound and signed, etc can be withheld and remitted. Among them, the signing cards of BOC, ICBC, CCB and Ping An Bank are credit cards, and debit cards are required by ABC, Everbright and Huaxia.