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Armpit perspires much very embarrassed, how should treat?

When people are exercising, they sweat when their temperature rises. Especially in the hot summer, the body will sweat more. These are all caused by the self-regulation function of the human body. But there are also people with sweaty armpits that cause embarrassment. So how do we deal with it?

First of all, we need to understand the principle of axillary perspiration. As a result of the growth of a large number of sweat glands in the armpit, the body temperature will generally be lowered by a large number of perspiration when the body temperature rises, and the perspiration parts include the chest, neck, forehead, chest, etc., because perspiration is related to the growth of more sweat glands in these parts. So the most direct way is to keep it clean and use boric acid bath soap. Change clothes frequently and keep skin dry Avoid the growth of bacteria and odor.

But sweating is not only a physiological problem, but also may be caused by pathological factors. The most common causes of sweating are as follows:

First, I sweat unconsciously when I sleep at night

Second, it usually occurs in the daytime. This symptom is mainly caused by serious illness or weakness. In this case, sweating is not related to labor, heat, too thick clothes and other factors

In view of these two situations, you can choose to take Buzhong Yiqi pill, or Shengmai drink to cultivate soil and generate gold, replenish qi and collect sweat, and chew and take Panax quinquefolium, ginseng, etc. In the ordinary life, we should strengthen exercise, maintain good living habits, work and rest time should be stable and reasonable, eat less stimulating food, and pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol. Adjust mentality and reduce pressure properly.

The patients with severe disease can be combined with liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy, laser and other physical therapy. And timely medical treatment, follow the advice and opinions of doctors. Remember to rush to the doctor!