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Where to play during the 2019 Spring Festival? Spring Festival tourist attraction recommendation

It's hard to avoid that the consumption of traveling around during the Spring Festival will be more expensive. After all, few people are in business during the Spring Festival. The traditional way of visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival can't satisfy people's leisure mood, so will there be a different experience when you go to another place for vacation?

Yangshuo, a fun and affordable tourist destination for Spring Festival

The idyllic scenery, the "Lijiang mountains and rivers" of the world, the amazing karst wonders, and the most ancient flagstone street in Yangshuo, the West Street.

From the boss to the waiter, almost everyone speaks fluent English, and the cruise ship also plays the classic "Liu Sanjie" folk song. Walking, cycling and other popular outdoor projects are carried out in green mountains and rivers. Yangshuo has all the exciting factors.

Xiamen, a fun and affordable tourist destination for the Spring Festival

Highlight: Xiamen's winter is accompanied by the sea breeze. The air is warm and comfortable. The sea decorates life very gently. It is one of the best cities in China for walking and one of the best cities in the country. It is very suitable for a family to travel.

In a hurry for a year, go to Xiamen to get rid of all the fatigue and pressure. It's perfect for you who have the plot of literary petty bourgeoisie. Walking in the alley of Gulangyu, miaoshing people curl up in the afternoon sun, squinting and sleepy.

There is a faint piano sound coming from the ear. Sit down in a small shop, taste the delicious food with stories, and look for the small things that belong to you in the miscellaneous but not messy grocery store.

Xishuangbanna, a fun and affordable tourist destination for the Spring Festival

Xishuangbanna is an 'ideal and magical Paradise'. There is no winter here. In the coldest January, the average temperature here is 16 ℃, while in the hottest month, the average temperature is only 28 ℃.

This kind of temperature makes Xishuangbanna a a place where there has never been snow, and also a place under the sun for a long time. Take off your toughest autumn pants and enjoy the hot sunshine in Banna.

Phoenix ancient city: a fun and affordable tourist destination for Spring Festival

The old people's legs and feet are not as sharp as the young people's, and the way of leisure and vacation is the most appropriate, while the ancient city of Phoenix is mainly playing with water, visiting the former residence, and gardening, avoiding the climbing work.

First, you can go to see the old and scattered stilts, the revolving waterwheel at the foot of the old city wall, the clear and gurgling Tuojiang River, and second, you can take colorful wishing lights to put them on the Tuojiang River to pray for the family's safety instead of your family.

Lhasa, Tibet: a fun and affordable tourist destination for the Spring Festival

Tibetan New Year is the biggest festival of Tibetan in a year, which can be said to be the carnival of the whole Tibetan area. The carnival will last for half a month from the beginning of the Tibetan calendar. This year's first day of the Tibetan New Year is February 11, just in the golden week of the Spring Festival. You can not only enjoy the spring in Tibet, but also participate in the rich Tibetan New Year customs.