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How to put the aquarium in the right place? Taboo on placement of fish tanks at home

Many people like to put fish tanks as decorations at home. Keeping some fish in the house can activate the indoor life. Many people will use the fishbowl to change the geomancy in the house, and arranging it can improve the family's fortune and attract wealth. Therefore, when placing fish tanks, we must pay attention to them. What are the taboos of placing geomancy in fish tanks? Let me tell you.

1. Fish tank should not face the door, because fish tank is the embodiment of wealth and fortune. It will scatter the wealth of the family when the door is opened

2. The fish tank should not be placed under the statue. In Fengshui, there is a saying that the God is in the water. This is the meaning of making money, so we should avoid putting the fish tank under the statue

3. The fish tank should not face the stove. The fish tank has water, and the stove has fire. The water and fire are incompatible. In this way, the water and fire will collide

4. The fish tank should not be placed behind the sofa. The fish tank is filled with water, while the sofa is used for sitting, and the water can't be relied on. This metaphor is not good either.

How to place the fish tank correctly

1. The fish tank should be facing the dining table. The dining table is the place to eat. The fish tank is facing the dining table. It has the meaning of entering wealth. It is similar to the geomancy function of having more than one year (FISH)

2. The aquarium should be placed in the auspicious position in the living room. This auspicious position is different in each family house. Find this auspicious position in advance, and this position is better to be a more prominent position in the living room

The above is the geomancy knowledge of fish tank placement. Fish farming is a matter of self-cultivation. If you are going to raise fish at home, then the placement of fish tank should not be so casual.