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How to renew Hong Kong and Macao pass online? Online renewal process of Hong Kong and Macao pass

Now Hong Kong and Macao pass online can be handled, so, how to renew Hong Kong and Macao pass online? Go through the renewal process of Hong Kong and Macao pass online.

Take Guangdong as an example:

First, log in to the online application platform of the exit entry service website of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department (

Then click "accept" and select the following application categories. Generally, we are "apply for re endorsement (free travel)" for personal travel between Hong Kong and Macao. "

And then there's the data

Fill in the corresponding information according to the requirements of the form, and click "OK" after the information is correct

The following points should be noted:

1. Whether express delivery is needed: if your home is not in the downtown area of your city, I suggest you choose 'need', because if your account is located in a place where you can't sign, so if you don't choose express delivery, you need to go to the downtown area to get it.

2. Please go to the region: you can apply for Macao or Hong Kong at the same time

3. Type of visa: please choose according to your own needs (pay attention to the validity period)

Visa fee: 20RMB / time;

4. The application number will be displayed at the end. Please remember the application number (for easy query),

You can also pay fees online. Click "pay online",

Just fill in the corresponding information.