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What's the weather like in February 2019 in Nanjing? Weather forecast during the Spring Festival in

The weather forecast of Nanjing during the Spring Festival in 2019 shows that the highest temperature is 10 ℃ during the Spring Festival, and the lowest temperature is even below 0 ℃. It's cold, so it's impossible to wear thick down clothes. If you want to go to Nanjing for the Spring Festival, you must keep warm.

2019 Jiangsu Nanjing Spring Festival weather forecast:

Monday, February 4

Light rain 3 ~ 9 ℃

Northeast wind level 3

Tuesday, February 5

Light rain 4 ~ 11 ℃

Northeast wind level 3

Wednesday, February 6

Light rain 2 ~ 9 ℃

Northeast wind level 3

Thursday, February 7

Cloudy - 4 ~ 6 ℃

Westerly less than level 3

Friday, February 8

Sunny -2~6 C

Dongfeng less than level 3

Saturday, February 9

Yin 3~9 C

Southeast wind less than level 3

Sunday, February 10

Yin -2~7 C

North wind less than level 3

Spring Festival Customs in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Sweep the dust

New year's Eve, also known as the big new year's Eve, is the busiest day for citizens. It is dusted and swept the floor, cooked New Year's meals and pasted spring couplets. Because each family is a single door, the house is relatively high, and there are beams on the roof, so dusting was a very hard work at that time. All rubbish must be cleaned up on New Year's Eve. In addition, there is a rule that no garbage is allowed between the first day and the fifth day of the lunar new year. If you want to sweep the floor, you have to sweep from the door to the center of the house. Finally, you have to temporarily store the cleaned garbage and sundries behind the door or in a concealed place, so as not to sweep the "wealth" out.

Fire basin heating

From the first day to the third day of the new year, it's the new year's Eve. People in Nanjing used to use a fire basin to keep warm, which means "prosperous". This kind of "program" has gradually faded. Nowadays, air conditioners and heaters are widely used. Who else uses the "fire pot". Besides, the God of wealth just asks for "please" instead of "please" and relies on his own hard work to get rich.

Climb the city

On the 16th day of the first month, there are also some cities. Today, most of them are around Zhonghua Gate castle, Taicheng and Wuding gate. In the first month, there is a lot of oil in the belly and climbing the city. Activities can help digestion to get rid of diseases. However, today, the elderly attach great importance to health care and exercise, and "walking all diseases" has not been limited to the 16th of the first month.