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What is Changpu? The effect and function of Changpu

What is Changpu? Calamus is a common herb, which has many effects on human body, but many people don't know about calamus. Now let's take a look at the effectiveness and function of Changpu.

Effect and function of Acorus calamus:

Acorus calamus is also known as Acorus calamus, Changben, Acorus calamus, Changyang, Changcao, Yaoshi Xiebai, yaoleek, wood wax, Yangchun snow, wujianxiao, shuijiancao, kuchangpu, fanchangcao, Jiancao, Jianye, Acorus calamus, shanchangpu, Xichang, stone centipede, wild leek, water centipede and vanilla.

Acorus calamus is the ancient literature called "one inch of nine sections is good", so it is also called nine sections of Acorus calamus. It is the rhizome of calamus. Dig in autumn every year, remove the stems, leaves and fibrous roots, wash them, cut them into small sections of about 10 cm, and then dry them to be used as medicine. There are also varieties of calamus tenuifolia (also known as qianchangpu) whose roots and stems are equally used as medicine. If fresh products are used, they are called fresh calamus.

Sedative effect.

Using 1 / 6 and 1 / 3 half lethal dose of Acorus calamus volatile oil can reduce the spontaneous activity of mice, weaken the central excitatory effect of ephedrine, and relieve the aggressive behavior of solitary mice. These effects show that Acorus calamus volatile oil has sedative effect, and can significantly prolong the anesthesia time of pentobarbital sodium.

Effects on the digestive system.

Oral administration of Acorus calamus can promote the secretion of digestive fluid, stop the abnormal fermentation of gastrointestinal tract, and relax the spasm of intestinal smooth muscle.

Removing phlegm and opening the orifices.

Calamus is warm and fragrant. Xinnengkai Xie, warm than cold and wet, fragrant opening. And into the heart, it can remove phlegm, happy qiaoning, and calm the mind. Therefore, all the disorders caused by phlegm and dampness, such as dizziness, epilepsy and stupidity, which are often used, are good products for clearing phlegm and opening the mind, calming the mind and calming the mind. "Materia Medica from the new" refers to its' hard work, sweet fragrance and loose, happy hole, benefit nine orifices'. Therefore, the "Mei's new prescription" is to use this product with ginger, and the method of ramming together is used to infuse and take it, specially for the treatment of phlegm and confusion.

Hearing cures forgetfulness.

Acorus calamus is fragrant, easy to understand and open to the outside world. According to the records of famous doctors, Acorus calamus has the function of "hearing, hearing and benefiting the mind". Therefore, it is good at the treatment of confusion, forgetfulness, tinnitus and deafness. For example, "the criterion of syndrome and treatment" does not forget the powder, that is to say, the calamus is used with Yuanzhi and so on to specifically treat confusion and forgetfulness; the "Qianjin Fang" Kaixin powder also uses this product with other drugs to mainly treat forgetfulness.

Dampness and stomach.

Acorus calamus is hard-working and fragrant. When it enters stomach meridian, it can promote dampness and turbid, appetizer and eliminate food. It is a good medicine for dampness and stomach. "The preparation of Materia Medica" refers to "removing dampness and chasing the wind", for those who are not hungry, the symptoms are as follows: the stomachache is full and dull, the diet is tasteless, the appetite is poor, the shape is thin and the body is tired, the moss is greasy and the pulse is thin, etc., which has many effects. They all take the functions of bitter dryness and dehumidification, xinxiangxuansan, liqiaokaiwei, xiaojikuanzhong.

Dispel cold and remove arthralgia.

Acorus calamus is fragrant and warm. Its temperature can surpass cold, and its fragrance can disperse dampness. As "seeking truth from the grass" said: "the first word of" the book "is to treat wind cold and dampness Bi, which is to develop the power of temper with its painstaking heat. "This product not only" the main limb dampness arthralgia, do not bend and stretch "(" medical records "), but also treat the evil wind cold arthralgia, body pain, such as (the total record of Shengji Changpu powder), with this product with Aconitum, etc., to treat cold arthralgia and body pain.

Remove dampness and itch.

Acorus calamus is hard and warm, and its bitterness can make it moist; its dryness can kill insects, so this product is applied externally, which has the functions of removing dampness, treating sores, killing insects and relieving itching. According to the theory of medicinal properties, Benjing kills all insects and cures scabies. It can be used for skin wet sores, scabies and other diseases. For example, in Jijiji Xianfang, Acorus calamus and Fructus Cnidii are used as the final prescription. The main treatment is: Yin sweat and wet itch.

Open the mind and calm the mind.

It can be used to blind the mind of Qingqiao with turbid dampness, forgetfulness, tinnitus and deafness. This product is fragrant and refreshing, and has the functions of moistening, expectorating phlegm and eliminating filth. This product can be used alone or in combination with drugs for calming the liver and tranquilizing the nerves. It can also be used to treat mania, dementia and other syndromes.


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