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How to apply for health license online? List of online application for health license

At present, there is no online declaration process for the health license, which can only be handled by the local health license department. How to apply for health license online? Online application for health license process at a glance.

Food producers and marketers who need to apply for food hygiene license shall first go to the license examination unit of the health supervision office of the county health bureau to obtain the application for food hygiene license, and bring the following materials according to the requirements of the one-time one card guide provided:

1. Copy of ID card of legal representative or person in charge;

2. Notice of the industrial and commercial department approving the name (number) of the unit in advance;

3. Copies of real estate license (or construction license) or rental agreement and other valid supporting materials;

4. Qualification certificate of health and hygiene knowledge training for employees;

5. Layout plan of business site;

6. Health management organization and system.

Food with complete information shall be issued with food hygiene license on the spot after business; food processing industry, catering industry and self-made retail industry shall be accepted on the spot if they have complete information, and the hygiene supervisor shall come to the scene for examination within 20 working days. If they do not meet the conditions of food hygiene license after on-site examination, they shall put forward rectification opinions; if they meet the conditions of food hygiene license, they shall be issued with hygiene license.