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How to paste the Chinese New Year's blessing? How to paste the word "lucky" in Chinese New Year

During the new year, we have the custom of affixing couplets, in which the word "Fu" is a word that many people like very much. Affixing the word "Fu" in the new year means that luck will come, which is very auspicious. In order to get a good omen, how to paste the Fuzi? How to paste the Fuzi best?

How to paste New Year's blessing

Fu Fu

It's a traditional culture to paste the Fu character upside down. Many people know that the Fu character indicates the arrival of the blessing, but for most people, it's also a good omen. "Pour" and "to" homophony, "pour" take its meaning is "blessing arrived". Therefore, in the word "Fu" posted now, we can see that there are two kinds of fighting postures: "positive blessing" and "reverse blessing".

Lucky Character

The tradition of affixing the word "Fu" is still very long. We all know that it's to better express our expectation for the new year, and that affixing the word "Fu" on New Year's Eve is also to surround the next year with blessings. The time of affixing the word "Fu" should be before noon on the thirtieth of the year, not after sunset on the thirtieth of the year. The order of pasting is from the outside to the inside, first to greet the blessing of the door, then to paste the blessing of the door, and so on. The last one is to paste the blessing of the door, which means that the blessing of the year flows in from the outside.

It is the best time to paste the Fuzi on the day of new year's Eve. It also means that the whole day of new year's Eve is full of blessings. It is better to tear up the old Spring Festival couplets between 6 a.m. and 12 noon on New Year's Eve to express the bad luck of breaking up the old ones. It has the meaning of new year's cloth.

On the number of the word "Fu", there is also a stress, which is also a symbol of a new year's wish. It can be posted together with other festive things, as well as for festivity. Stick spring couplets at the gate. Remember to stick odd numbers. Odd numbers symbolize good luck. In addition, do not paste the word "spring" at the door of your home. You can paste the word "spring" at the door of your home. In ancient times, only Yihong hospital would paste the word "spring" at the door.