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What are the effects of ciru? Attention of ciru should not be ignored

It is the dry pseudobulblet of the orchid plants, such as Dujuan LAN, Rolfe or P. Yunnansis Rolfe. The former is known as "arrowhead mushroom", while the latter two are known as "ice hockey". What are the effects of ciru? The precautions of ciru should not be ignored.

Method / step:

The dry pseudobulbous stem of Rhododendron is round or slightly flat, with a diameter of 1-2cm. The appearance is brown or grayish brown with small wrinkles. There is a round trace at the top; there is a fibrous root in the depression of the bottom Lang, which is about 1-3cm long and 1-2mm thick; there is a concave or protruding link at the waist, commonly known as the belt.

Those with carbuncle, swelling, toxin and tuberculosis caused by the combination of heat, toxin and blood stasis can not only be taken internally, but also can be used externally, and there is pus that can break, no pus that can be dissipated, and can be compatible with realgar, musk, Euphorbia, Meretrix, etc;

Those with stagnation of liver qi and phlegm heat can be combined with kunbu, Fritillaria, etc. to disperse Qi and phlegm; those with larynx arthralgia and pharyngeal pain caused by heat toxin and hot attack can be combined with Shandougen, flea rest, Shegan, etc. to clear away heat, detoxify and benefit the pharynx.

Colchicine contained in Pleurotus guangcigu and Pleurotus lijiangshanensis and its compound colchicine added with dilute ammonia solution have similar antitumor effects with vinblastine. Colchicine also has a sedative hypnotic synergistic effect. In addition, the product also has antitussive, antiasthmatic and analgesic effects.

It can be used to treat carbuncle, gangrene and sores. It can be injured by soup, fire, snake, insect, dog and beast. It can be used to deal with pestilence, mountain haze and miasma, larynx closed and throat wind, long illness and tiredness; To detoxify mushroom, arsenolite, dead cow, horse, puffer fish: Clam (beat, wash, bake, end) 32, mountain Cigu (remove skin, clean, end) 22, musk (another research) 3, thousand gold (remove shell, grind, remove oil to get frost) 1 or 2, red halberd (remove Lu, bake, end) 1 or 2. Boil the glutinous rice into balls, which are divided into forty. Take one pill each time. Grind it with jinghuashui or mint soup. Use porridge for one or two times. (Yu Shudan, the essence of surgery, is the antidote Wan Bing Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan).

Chemical composition: seeds, corms, leaves and stems contain colchicine, cornigerine, & beta; - colchicine and n-formylndeaceylcolchicine. The rhizome of Rhododendron has mucilaginous substance, glucose and mannitol glycan, while the leaves of Pleurotus glandularis and Cigu Lijiang contain colchicine and other alkaloids. Colchicine contained in Cigu guangcigu and Cigu lijiangshan, and colchicine, the synthetic product of them after adding dilute ammonia solution, are various alkaloids.

matters needing attention:

Cigu lijiangshanensis, Cigu guangensis is highly toxic, and overdose can cause poisoning (0.6-0.9g for Cigu lijiangshanensis each time). A large number of long-term administration can cause gastrointestinal adverse reactions, multiple neuritis, leukopenia, etc.

Overdose is toxic. Elderly and frail patients, especially those with kidney, gastrointestinal or heart disease, should take it with caution. Pregnant women should not take it.