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Can I make up for the interruption of endowment insurance? How to make up for the interruption of en

In social insurance, the two main types of insurance are endowment insurance and medical insurance. The calculation period of social insurance is cumulative. If the payment is interrupted, serious personal injury will be caused in the later period. So how can we make up for the interruption of endowment insurance? How can we make up for the interruption of endowment insurance?

What will be the impact of pension interruption?

The interruption of pension insurance will affect the problem of receiving pension. The longer the interruption is, the greater the loss of pension will be. If the length of service is not calculated during the interruption period, the salary for the length of service will be lost in the future. During the interruption period, there is no fund in the endowment insurance account, which will cause the decrease of personal account fund in the future, and there will be a certain loss when calculating the pension. When you reach the legal retirement age, you will accumulate the time of your life interrupted endowment insurance, and the accumulated 12 months of interruption will push forward one year to calculate the pension. If the lifetime contribution is cumulative, the pension should be calculated and paid according to the social average wage of the previous year at the time of retirement. However, if the lifetime accumulation is interrupted for 12 months, the social average wage of the previous year will be used.

Supplementary endowment insurance measures

1. If your files are in the talent or job referral archive, you should negotiate with the archive department whether you can make up the premium.

2. If your files are not in the archive organization, you should read the following operations on the street:

① Take a hukou book and a recent one inch photo to go to the street to apply for a job card.

② Take the job application card to the people's deposit or filing institution to handle the recruitment formalities, and then take the recruitment form to the street to handle the filing formalities.

③ Take the files and money (more than 3000 yuan per year) put forward by the street and transfer them to the filing organization handling the recruitment form to handle the insurance procedures.

Notes on supplementary payment of social endowment insurance

1. In Beijing, if the files are kept in the street all the time, the insurance at the storage stage cannot be paid back. Only when you transfer the files to the archive institution to pay the fees can you calculate the payment period.

2. There are differences in the actual situation in different regions, and the local policy shall prevail. For details, please consult the local social security department.