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What are the 2019 Spring Festival New Year Movies? Spring Festival movies

The top box office output is the national day, summer vacation and Spring Festival. Which movies will be released on the first day of the new year? Spring Festival New Year's Eve movies are the ones that many people like to pay attention to. It's also a way for families to enjoy the Spring Festival. What are the new year's Eve movies?

Crazy aliens

Director: Ning Hao

Screenwriter: Sun Xiaohang / Dong Runnian / Wu Nan / Liu Xiaodan / PAN still

Starring: Huang Bo / Shen Teng / Matthew & Middleton; Morrison / Tom & Middleton; paifuli / Kate & Middleton; Nelson / Wang Yanhui

Type: plot / Comedy / science fiction

Production country: Mainland China

Language version: Mandarin Chinese

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Synopsis: Geng Hao (Huang Bo) and Dafei (Shen Teng), a good brother who wants to make a lot of money, are running their own miserable 'careers'. However, the unexpected arrival of' extraterrestrial visitors' broke their quiet and hard-earned lives. Mysterious Western forces have also sent second general hem ha to search for the whereabouts of aliens around the world. A cross species duel, a new star wars, is staged in a coastal city of China.

Flying life

Director: Han Han

Screenwriter: Han Han

Starring: Shen Teng / Huang Jingyu / Yin Zheng / Yin Fang / Tian Yu / tenger / Zhao Wenyu

Type: Comedy / action

Production country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Synopsis: Zhang Chi, who once dominated the racing industry but now can only manage fried rice gear, decided to return to the racing world and challenge the young generation's talent at the end of his career. He wanted to gather his former partners, summon the dragon, and reappear the glorious years. However, he was hit hard by the reality, and the situation was various. How many unexpected dilemmas are waiting for the passing driver on the way back from driving test?

The king of new comedy

Director: Zhou Xingchi

Screenwriter: Zhou Xingchi

Starring: Wang Baoqiang / E Jingwen / Zhang quandan / Jing Ruyang / Zhang Qi

Type: plot / Comedy

Production country: Hong Kong

Language: Mandarin / Cantonese

Synopsis: King of Comedy 2 is a sequel of king of comedy by Zhou Xingchi in 1998. The first king of comedy has discovered many new people. In addition to Lin Zishan's success in recruitment activities, Zhou Xingchi also takes the banner of new man Cecilia Cheung. Cecilia Cheung plays a bold prostitute in this first work, and her acting skills are highly praised. After that, her film engagement continues and she wins the post movie honors. For the start of this film "king of Comedy 2", Zhou Xingchi said with a smile that this is a wish of his own for many years, "I have always wanted to shoot. In those days, new actors were basically used, and "king of comedy" means to find new actors and build tomorrow's stars. '

There has always been a star dream of the town's young women dream of running for many years without success. Her relationship with her father was tense, and her relatives and friends advised her to give up. Only her boyfriend Charlie supported her. In the group, Rumeng met mark, the actor who inspired her to act when she was young. But Marco, who had been angry for many years at this time, was manic because of his inner inferiority and tortured like a dream. Rumeng is still optimistic and perseveres in acting, but one after another is hit hard. At last, she decides to give up her dream and go back to her parents to find a stable job. However, she learns that she has been shortlisted for a large-scale casting in a new film by a famous director. Like a dream falling into a difficult choice

Wandering the earth

Director: Guo fan

Screenwriter: Gong Ge / Yan Dongxu / Guo fan / ye Junce / Yang Zhixue / Wu Jin / Ye Luchang / Liu Cixin

Starring: Wu Jing / Qu chuxiao / Li Guangming / Wu Mengda / Zhao Jinmai / Sui Kai

Type: Science Fiction

Production country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin / English

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Synopsis: the sun is about to be destroyed. Mankind has built a huge propeller on the surface of the earth to find a new home. However, the road of the universe is in peril. In order to save the earth and to reach a new home after a long 2500 years, young people in the era of wandering the earth stand up and fight for life and death.

"Detective Pu Songling"

Director: Yan Jia

Screenwriter: Liu Bohan

Starring: Jackie Chan / Ruan Jingtian / Zhong Chuxi / Lin Bohong / Lin Peng/

Type: Comedy / action / love / Fantasy

Production country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Synopsis: Pu Songling (Cheng Long), a literary hero, is the incarnate detective of Yin-Yang judgment. He and Constable Yan Fei (Lin Bohong) jointly trace the case of the missing girl in Jinhua town. Pu Songling led a group of demons such as "pig, lion and tiger", "fart", "forget worries" and "Thousand Hands" to go deep into the case. In the process of finding the truth, he involved a strange love.

Honest government

Director: Mai Zhaohui

Screenwriter: Mai Zhaohui

Starring: Liu Qingyun / zhangjiahui / Lin Jiaxin / Fang CITIC / yuan Yongyi/

Type: suspense / crime

Production country: Hong Kong / Mainland China

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Synopsis: in a serious case of illegal domestic bribery investigated by ICAC for many years, Chen Chaoqun, the head of Lida Trading Group, the first defendant, absconded and absconded, as well as the only important witness and informant, Xu Zhiyao (zhangjiahui), the former financial director of Lida, was absent from the court to testify, leading to the court's order to postpone the trial for one week! In order to successfully retrial the case after seven days, ICAC launched a comprehensive trial Get some action. Chen Jingci (Liu Qingyun), the team leader in charge of the case, and Jiang Xueer (Lin Jiaxin), who is in charge of looking for witnesses, were a loving couple of the ICAC. Now they have been separated for a long time, so they have to work together for the case. In the process of catching Chen Chaoqun and looking for Xu Zhiyao, they both found another identity hidden behind them. The solution of one mystery is the opening of another. The conspiracy behind is far beyond everyone's imagination. Where is the way of light under the cover of smoke?

Love Saint 2

Director: Song Xiaofei / Dong Xu

Screenwriter: Li Xiao / Yu Miao

Starring: Wu Xiubo / Bai Baihe / Xiao Yang

Type: Comedy / love

Production country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Synopsis: the movie "love Saint 2" tells a humorous story of love Saint coming back to do things again: Fang Yuan (played by Xiao Yang) and Tian Xin (played by Bai Baihe) have been in love for many years, facing the test of where to go in love, unwilling to catch him, find "love saint" Xiao Yao (Wu Xiubo Act) help the intention to return to freedom, but in practice, the plan of love Saint runs all the way, which makes people laugh and cry. All kinds of gods help pig teammates to fall from the sky and make trouble. The development of things speeds up in an unexpected direction.

The presence of bears: primitive times

Director: Ding Liang / Lin Huida

Screenwriter: Xu Yun / WAN Qin / Jiang Lin / Ding Liang / Lin Huida / Jiang Lu

Starring: Zhang Wei / Zhang Bingjun / Tan Xiao / Liu Siqi / WAN Danqing

Type: Comedy / animation / Adventure

Production country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Length: 88 minutes

Synopsis: the latest archaeological discovery confirms that thirty thousand years ago, there were primitive humans living in Baixiong mountain. They also left a rich and mysterious remains of rock paintings & hellip; & hellip; an accidental accident. The skinhead who turned to be a tour guide accidentally grew up with Xiong, and Xiong II crossed a strange cave into a new world. Here, it is the prehistoric stone age! The strange and complex terrain and fierce primitive beast & hellip & hellip; XiongQiang is facing unprecedented dangers and difficulties. What's worse, xiongda and Xionger, bareheaded Qiang are unfortunately separated in the chaos. In the strange primitive forest, the big bear met a naughty and eccentric little wolf girl. The little wolf girl thought that the big bear led the way as a condition, and asked the big bear to find the legendary courage fruit for her. The fragile stratum with geothermal spray, the labyrinth like stalactite cave, the noctilucent plant forest occupied by giant blood sucking mosquito & hellip & hellip; virgin forest is full of unknown and breathtaking. In desperation, Xiong Da had to go on an adventure journey in the forest to find little friends and courage fruit with little wolf girl.

Piggy page's new year's Eve

Director: Zhang Dapeng / Neville & middot; Astley / Mark & middot; Baker / yulis & middot; fan & middot; Hou Xin / Sarah & middot; Roper

Screenwriter: Hao Ming / Zhang Dapeng / Liu Qingling / Neville & middot; Astley / Mark & middot; Baker / Matilda & middot; Tristram

Starring: Zhu Yawen / Liu Yun / Wang Shengdi / Shan Yuhao / GUI Yalei

Type: Comedy / animation / family / children

Production country: Mainland China / UK

Language: Mandarin / English

Release date: February 5, 2019 (mainland China)

Length: 81 minutes

Synopsis: Ali Film Co shoots with entertainment one in the UK to tell the story of Tangyuan, dumplings and mom and dad living in a warm family. On New Year's Eve, Grandpa, grandma, Grandpa and grandpa met with them. We have experienced traditional customs and many unexpected things. Like page George, they love each other, their families and their lives more.