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Is Alipay worth buying gold for all? Does Alipay keep the old gold reliable?

Alipay is one of the national means of payment. Recently, Alipay launched a new type of insurance, called universal life pension. So is Alipay universal pension worth buying? Is this pension reliable?

What about Alipay's life insurance pension?

· is a life insurance pension, which is jointly launched by Chinese life insurance and ant gold clothing. In August 9th, it was an innovative bonus insurance and a kind of life insurance on Alipay.

It can be seen from the name that the life-long pension is guaranteed for life.

Insured age: male born 28 days to 59 years old; female born 28 days to 54 years old.

There are three scope of protection, which can also be understood as the way of receiving:

Pension: from the date of receiving, the pension will be received for life at a fixed amount every year (every month).

Bonus insurance: from the next month of insurance, the bonus will be distributed monthly according to the actual operating conditions.

Death money is collected in one time. For death before the date of claim, the paid premium shall be returned at least; for death after the date of claim, if the claim is less than 20 years, the returned amount shall be '20-year pension payable' less' received amount '.

Middot; Life Pension breaks the limit of fixed payment period of traditional life insurance products. One yuan can start to invest. You can buy insurance anytime and anywhere before you get it. There is no limit to the time and times.

If you want to withdraw your life-long pension, you must operate it within half a month, because there is no handling fee for withdrawing it within 15 days.


1. In terms of security

The life insurance pension for the whole people is backed by Alipay in the Internet security. Chinese insurance is guaranteed in the insurance market. The two companies are the leading force in their respective collection, and there will be no safety problems.

2. In terms of products

Alipay's life insurance pension for the whole people, which is insured at 1 yuan, can be insured at any time. It can receive dividends in the next month, and it can receive pensions every month at the age of retirement. It is a product with considerable income and easy to understand.

3. Is it worth buying

Alipay life insurance pension is a bonus product. Although it has old-age security, there is no pension plan. If it is purely intended to be purchased as an endowment insurance, it is still not recommended. If it feels that its income is considerable, it will be feasible to insure it as a financial product.