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What are the disaster movies worth watching? The most influential disaster movies

Good disaster movies often give people the feeling of being in the scene, which makes people shocked and sad. In recent years, disaster films have become more and more rare, and many people have even equated disaster with terror, blood and violence. Here are ten disaster works worth watching. I believe you will get reflection from the film.

10: Flu

In fact, it is not uncommon for disaster films with infectious diseases as the theme, but this film does not vigorously publicize the story of human and virus. In the film, more of the same kind exists than virus. The movie sublimates the whole story through the appearance of a little girl. In the adult world, there is no right or wrong, only interests. In the face of disaster, human nature is the most vulnerable thing. Flu is to expose all the dark sides of human nature. What's really scary about this movie is how do you know all these things, and it will not happen in the future?

9: Tangshan earthquake

Tangshan earthquake is a disaster that Chinese people remember vividly. This "Tangshan earthquake" is a tear gas, but different from other disaster movies, this movie does not over render the scene of disaster. Its biggest tear point is how people should save themselves, how to live and how to face the disaster after the disaster. This film is rare to tell the story after the disaster. For the victims of the earthquake, the disaster did not stop at the moment when they were rescued. The psychological shadow and guilt are no less than the disaster that has ended.

8: tunnel

Korean films are indeed excellent in depicting human nature. This "tunnel" is a disaster event to depict all kinds of human nature. In the story, the disaster is far more than the tunnel collapse. More often, the dark side shown by the spectators is the real face of the disaster. The protagonist he Zhengyu plays is the most incisive interpretation of the despair in the tunnel and the desire to survive. Through his performance and the comparison of people's attitudes outside the tunnel, the tragic color and irony of the film are cold and desperate.

7: The mill on the floss

In the 19th century, when the flood of the times came, the two brothers and sisters, Maggie and Tom, were the model of the youth who wanted to break through the shackles of the secular world and seek freedom. They advocate free love, and their unremitting opposition to the secular world has led them to be expelled by their families and society. No one accepts them. As time goes on, the beautiful love finally stops abruptly. After the victory of the secular and the traditional, a flood destroyed their hometown immediately. The sister who lost her fame in the flood chose to go back to save her brother, but the flood was to destroy all the secular, and the sister who once bowed to the secular and the traditional became the victim of the times.

6; Busan trip.

There are many zombie disaster movies, but "Busan trip" is the first movie that makes the audience feel that people are more terrible than zombies. It can be said that if you don't become zombies, you really don't know how much you hate human beings. Exploring human nature in disasters is a common way of Korean films. Every character in Busan travel covers different groups of people. The reactions of different groups in disasters stimulate the hearts of many audiences. In the end, pregnant women and little girls can be said to retain the last glory of human nature in the film. As the top 10 hottest Korean films, "Busan trip" is worthy of the name.

5: Independence Day

The alien attack on the earth is a rotten conventional plot, but independence day has replaced the story with a new core to make the disaster story flesh and blood. At the beginning, it has brought the audience into the crisis atmosphere of the end of the earth, which is straightforward and not sloppy at all. In the two-and-a-half-hour movie, almost every character who appears has a vivid personality. Through the promotion of the plot, the character of these characters changes without any language. The audience is also very aware of their despair.

4: the day after tomorrow

The visual feast created before the day after its release in 2004 has been the leader of disaster films. The comprehensive quality of the film in performance, narration and details has made the film a textbook in the history of disaster films. The thought of human development and the earth's environment in the film makes the film more profound. At the same time, "the day after tomorrow" does not blindly pile up disaster scenes, through the key characters will always encounter resistance from different environments, from different perspectives to depict the origin and background of the disaster, so that the story can be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

3: Nanjing

Nanjing in 1937 is a moment that the world will never forget. 70 years later, bill goodetag brought this tragic story to the screen again. Nanjing Massacre is a catastrophe in human history. This film does not use the form of a common documentary film to show the disaster. This film is very simple. No sense of family and country, no turbulence of world pattern, is to restore the disaster as completely as possible from the eyes of a few small people. It can't even be called a qualified movie, but the content it expresses will make everyone cry for it.


Because of this movie, many people in the world believe in the end of 2012 gimmick, but it also fully shows the excellence of 2012. 2012 is the director Roland middot; Emmerich's another disaster work after the great success of "the day after tomorrow". After inheriting the excellent special effects of "the day after tomorrow", it makes the story clearer. The switching of four scenes in the film, from the scientists who save the world to the small people who can't do anything, makes the crisis of the end of the world come to every audience.

1: Titanic

As one of the films with the highest Douban rating, many people think that Titanic is a love movie, which is the director's brilliance. In the first half of the movie, many beautiful things are put in front of the audience one by one, and then they are completely destroyed by an iceberg. In the movie, the polite British gentleman, the respectful noble couple and the sweaty bottom laborer show a completely different image at the moment of the disaster. The great contrast is just like Lu Xun's saying: the so-called tragedy is to tear up all the beautiful things in front of people's eyes and destroy them for people to see;