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Can I eat mango with black spots on it? How to keep mango

Mango is a kind of fruit with rich nutritional value. Many people like to make mango pudding at home. Can they eat mango if it has black spots? How can mango be preserved and not easily damaged? But for those who are allergic to mango, do not eat mango!

Is there any black spot on the mango skin that can be eaten? Generally speaking, if there are a few black spots on the mango skin, they can be eaten even if the flesh is not damaged. But if there are a lot of black spots, it means that the mango has gone bad and the taste is no longer delicious.

Can I eat black spots on the mango skin

If you can eat a few scattered points, don't eat them if you gather in large quantities.

After some mangoes are ripe, there will be some small black spots. Some people say that they are black spots. In fact, as long as a few of them prove that they are ripe, they should be eaten immediately. At this time, they will get a good taste. But if there are a lot of black spots, the flesh around the black spots will go bad, the taste will be sour, and diarrhea is likely to occur after eating.

Generally speaking, the mango with clean and smooth skin is delicious, and the maturity can be seen from the peel around the fruit base. If the fruit base is red, it means that the mango is not ripened, and the taste must be sweet and delicious.

The reason of black spots on Mango skin:

1. collision

During picking or transportation, the skin cells of mango are damaged due to the friction between mango and mango. Cells release a substance enzyme. When the enzyme and phenols are oxidized, they will become brown quinones. This is the black spot on the mango epidermis.

2. pathogens

There is a disease called mango black spot in mango, which is transmitted by rainwater as a medium. If there are more rainy seasons, mango is likely to be infected with this pathogenic bacteria. However, this pathogenic bacteria will only make mango sell badly, but it has no harm to pulp.

The black spots on the mango skin are not necessarily damaged. They may be caused by collision during transportation or picking. But there are also more necrosis inside the black spot. I should pay attention to distinguish. If there is not only a black spot on the surface of mango, but also no elasticity to touch, and there is a gradual deepening around the black spot, it is a dead mango.

Can mango be refrigerated

Mango is a tropical fruit, not easy to put in the refrigerator, easy to freeze.

Mango can't be put in the refrigerator, because mango belongs to tropical fruit, so it's easier to be damaged when it's put in the refrigerator, and it's easy to appear black spots. Generally, it's better to store it in a cool place, and eat it in time. You can't eat mango on an empty stomach, because it will make the stomach secrete too much acid, which is not conducive to digestion. It's better to eat it within an hour before and after meals.