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What's the matter with Wang Yuan and Fan Bingbing? Details of Wang Yuan and Fan Bingbing's terminati

Wang Yuan and Fan Bingbing are in hot search for the termination of the contract, so why did Wang Yuan and Fan Bingbing terminate the contract? Recently, Fan Bingbing was terminated by Wang Yuan last year. Now, he has signed a contract with Jia Naliang. What's the matter with Wang Yuan and Fan Bingbing? Wang Yuan and Fan Bingbing get to know the details of the termination.

Some time ago, with Wang Junkai admitted to Nortel, the news of tfboys' three small solo flights was released. This is not true. After the separation of the three people, it seems that the resources are getting better and better. When it comes to variety show, Wang Junkai has "high energy Youth League", Wang Yuan has "trump to trump", and Yi closing Qianxi has "let go of my North nose". Don't they really sign different teams?

Wang Yuan wrote a song "Seventeen", but he was obviously not confident enough. Then I put the reason of creation on Weibo to try to get the recognition of fans and the public. It wasn't long before he tweeted, but it was forwarded by someone who tweeted "Xiao Huang Shao". She said: write down, just know how long the dream is. It seems that he is very supportive of the two character brother, and also very approbated.

Click in and find out that Xiaohuang Shao's Micro blog authentication is "Fan Bingbing studio publicity director". Is this signed to Fan Bingbing studio? If it's true, it's just fine. Wang Yuan's future resources are also first-class. Coupled with his popularity now, isn't the future of development better and better? Tut tut Tut, are you all in favor of it?

Before that, it was said that the three little ones were actually led by the three big flowers. Wang Yuan signed it to Fan Bingbing, Wang Junkai to Li Bingbing, and Yi closing's seal to Zhao Wei. But at present, each family has not revealed the wind. Moreover, the situation of Wang Yuan, the second brother, and Wang Junkai, the third brother is quite obvious. It's just the news that Yi closing's Qianxi signed to Zhao Wei, but there is no stone hammer.

In fact, watching Wang Junkai's recent resources, not only received the flow of movies like "relief grocery store", but also because of the "military training", "roll call", "dormitory" hot search, it seems that Wang Junkai, as a college student, is really moist. Wang Yuan just finished "trump to trump" and started "Youth Hotel". And yisuyiqianxi is a young man of literature and art, and Liu Tao is regarded as the best choice for his son-in-law.

If three small only really signed to a different company, does that mean that in the future the opportunity to fit will become less and less? Although the studio said that solo would not be disbanded, the three kids also said that they would be together in ten years. But if the real agent gives double ice about once, is it true that the next three small players will become competitors from teammates? Just like the four big flows now?