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What about eczema do you want to know what eczema is about

Eczema is generally caused by eating habits, environmental factors, microbial infection, etc. There are also some people whose eczema is inherited. What to do if you find yourself with eczema? In fact, eczema can be alleviated by medical treatment and diet. Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

The symptoms of eczema are usually itchy. Changes in temperature, exercise, sweating, irritation of skin inflammation, friction of clothing fibers, will aggravate the degree of eczema pruritus. At this time, it is necessary to improve the dry condition of the skin, repair the normal skin barrier of the moisturizer, reduce the skin inflammatory reaction of external anti-inflammatory drugs, with the role of sedation and sleep supporting oral antihistamines.

Desensitization, glucocorticoids, immunomodulators and antibiotics can be used in medical treatment. What if the baby has eczema? It doesn't need hormone if it's not heavy. To be careful not to let the baby in the high temperature environment, you can wash with honeysuckle water, or with lavender oil, there are no side effects.

Patients with eczema can eat more heat clearing and dehumidification food, should avoid drinking, strong coffee, spicy stimulation and fried food. The diet should be light, eat more fruits and vegetables, apples, peaches and grapes this warm fruit can eat more, durian, mango, litchi and other hot fruit eat less, so as to avoid aggravating symptoms Keep good living habits, less smoking and drinking, and avoid staying up late. It is mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine that the white gourd should be peeled and boiled, the dregs should be removed for cooling, then the watermelon juice should be added, mixed for drinking, and the heat and humidity can be removed. Egg white into Coptis powder, stir apply in the affected area, can also alleviate eczema symptoms. Sugarcane porridge, drink twice a day, is also a good way to eliminate dampness and itch.

Eczema is a common disease, unless it is more urgent patients, it is recommended to choose drug treatment. General eczema is recommended to use the method of food conditioning to mediate, which is safer and healthier than drug treatment.