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What should I do if I can't log in to wechat? List of new QQ login wechat processes

QQ and wechat are two different chat software. If there is no binding between them, what should I do if the newly registered QQ cannot log in to wechat? New registered QQ login wechat process at a glance.

Method / step:

Open the existing wechat and click "I".

On the 'I' page, click settings.

On the settings page, click account and security.

On the account and Security page, click more security settings.

On the 'more security settings' page, select the QQ number and click in.

Add QQ number and click Finish to finish the binding. Then use QQ number to log in wechat.

If there is no wechat that can be bound at hand, you can apply for another one with your mobile phone number, and then you can do the above binding work.