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What's the taboo of tattoo? What should I pay attention to when tattooing

Chen is one of the five animals (dragon, Phoenix, tortoise, unicorn, and Chen). It takes money as its food and can accept the money from all sides. Therefore, it is called the beast of recruiting money. Because it is a kind of Fengshui animal, many people will tattoo the pattern of Chen on their bodies. But Chen Chen tattoo can't be tattooed casually. There are certain stresses and taboos. So what taboos does Chen Chen tattoo have? What should I pay attention to.

The Fengshui function of Chen Chen: there is a saying among the people that "one touch of Chen Chen has a prosperous fortune, another touch of Chen Chen has a rolling fortune, and three touch of Chen Chen has a steady pace of development". Chen Chen can attract wealth, which has the function of tending to wealth and flourishing wealth. Whether it is positive or partial wealth, it will help. Chen Chen can also dissolve the five yellow evils and keep the house safe.

Pay attention to and taboo: once the tattoo is on, it is difficult to remove it, so be careful before tattooing, especially the tattoo. Chen Chen is born with a strong sense of violence. He needs to be enlightened and correspond with the Buddha's heart. He prays for all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to come and prove that he should have the body image before he can be regarded as a close thing. Chen's lighting method is very exquisite, and ordinary people can't control it. Generally speaking, the lighting methods of salt water immersion and sunlight are not correct. It is necessary to ask the eminent monks of the temple to turn on the light in auspicious time before using.

Before tattooing, first of all, we should consider whether our eight characters are in conflict with the tattoo. Secondly, we should select experienced tattooists. Before tattooing, we should ensure adequate sleep, not drink, not smoke, not have an empty stomach, and the tattoo parts should not be damaged or broken, and should not be exposed to the sun. When tattooing, we should wear loose clothes to facilitate tattooing; After three to four hours of tattoo, clean the tattoo with warm water, only shower and do not take a bath. Dry the tattoo with towel during shower, keep the tattoo dry, and clean every day.

Do not swim, bask in the sun or go to the sea until the tattoo parts are completely good. Do not apply other ointment except for the tattoo ointment to avoid fading. Scab, molt and itch shall not be scratched to avoid affecting the beauty of tattoo.