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There is a mine at home? There's a mine in the house. What's it

Recently, there is a mine at home, which is very popular on the Internet, but some little friends don't understand what it means. How can I take a mine at home? There's a mine at home. What's the problem? Come and have a look.

What does it mean that there is a mine at home? It means that there is a lot of money at home. It costs a lot of money.

This word has become popular on the Internet recently. It means that many players can especially spend money, and then use the word "mine at home" to tease krypton gold tycoon, saying that he / she has mine at home, which means he / she has money.

There are also a lot of friends who buy football, guess the world cup score and win or lose the world cup. It's also a way to spend money. Use the word "mine at home" to tease friends who buy football, saying that their family is rich. In addition, this word also extends the rhetorical question and answer of 'do you have a mine in your family?', meaning the same as above, all of which means to make fun of money.

At home, what kind of stem is the stem? Zhao Benshan was first presented with an expression bag. The original saying is, "what family make complaints about the family?"

Soccer gambling make complaints about soccer gambling in 2018. The world cup is often cold. In this game, everyone is in the 'rooftop', and you can't bet on the real world.

This word has long-standing history. It was originally from what family members of Mr. Zhao Benshan's family. There was a mine and expression bag in the house. The original stem came from the TV drama "Ma Da Shuai", and it could also be used to make complaints about the recent market floating in Tucao.

There is a mine at home, and the expression bag Daquan's World Cup in 2018 is often cold. Many gambling friends have joked about "see you on the rooftop". There is no mine at home, and there is really no gambling strength. The mine at home has become a greeting for everyone. It has become popular on the Internet, and the expression bag has also been broken by netizens!