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What are the short hair styles? The most suitable short hair style for girls in spring 2019

In recent years, girls' short hair modeling has been very hot. Many girls not only look more fresh and energetic after cutting their short hair, but also their face shape is more endurable. To say which is the most popular short hair style for girls in 2019, it is still necessary to count short hair and hair ends together. A style with changeable style is also very easy to manage. No more nonsense, I'll share some short hair style with you. Don't miss it~

1. Short hair is one of the classic features of popular hairstyles, especially the wave head or shoulder hair. The hair is not only younger but also better managed. It's a good style with the hair style of the collarbone at the end of the hair. It's medium-sized and eight character bangs, and it's fashionable and light at the end of the hair. It's very popular with young people.

2. Bobo makes the hair tail more lovely. The hair tail of Qi Liu Hai Bobo curls inward to create a puffy radian. The face is smaller and smaller. The length of her mouth is also very cute. A young girl's hair is very short, and the flesh on the girl's face is a little bit more. You might as well try this short hair.

3. The short and straight hair with neat hair tail is more mature and capable, which is very suitable for a hairstyle reserved by mature women. Girls' heart-shaped face can try this hairstyle, showing delicate chin and clavicle, showing thin and sexy, and the slender neck curve temperament is doubled!

4. The air of College temperament is full of bangs. The thin bangs + C-shaped hair tail makes the facial features three-dimensional and reduces age at the same time. The head is full, and the overall temperament will improve a lot. The student party or the new working girl can try this short hair.

5. One of the features of net red short hair is that the hair ends in unison + C-word roll. It feels softer and more cute to match with the bangs on the eyebrows. The thick bangs decorate the forehead to create a light retro style, which is also a kind of hair that can stand the test. Girls with goose face must try it.

6. Short hair and hair tail, in addition to internal buckle, sexy s-roll is also a good choice, but the hair tail is more than one roll, the whole hair charm index has been improved a lot, and it is also very mature, with the middle score also gives a very foreign feeling, the girl's face is round can also be bold to try!

7. It is also very amorous to distribute the hair end on the big side of the short hair. The two sides are not the same, but a gentle buckle is formed. Girls with long face recommend to try such short hair. C-roll + air hot face can also improve the recognition of five features and add points to the face value.

8. Girls' short C-shaped hair without bangs is mature and capable. It's very suitable for women in the workplace. It's convenient to take care of it. You can take care of it at home by ironing the end of the hair. It's more feminine to make a curly hair design at the same time.

9. The short hair of 3cm below the ear is also one of the representatives of the current popular short hair. The hair tail is cut as a whole, showing the ears also gives a very gentle impression, which is very suitable for a short hair style reserved by 30 + women. Pay attention to keep several strands of hair at the temples, so that the small face is more light.

10. Qi short hair is very suitable for ironing pear blossom roll. It can achieve the effect of reducing face by widening both sides. However, if the head is too sharp, it is not suitable to keep this hair style. It is suggested to increase the fluffy degree of the hair root. The head is covered by air cushion ironing, root ironing, Morgan ironing and other ways. The whole shape looks more fashionable and tender.