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How to use Xiaomi sport bracelet? How to use Xiaomi sport Bracelet

millet bracelet has the functions of checking exercise volume, monitoring sleep quality, intelligent alarm wake-up, etc. People who are fond of sports can know their own exercise amount through it; meanwhile, the alarm clock wakes up the wearer through vibration to avoid disturbing people around. So how to use millet sport bracelet? Learn how to use Xiaomi sport bracelet.

Method / step:

Open the product package, which includes the main body of the bracelet, wrist strap, charging line, entry Guide (manual), etc.

Assemble the bracelet. That is to put the main body of the bracelet into the wristband.

App is installed on the mobile phone. You can search from Xiaomi store or scan QR code from the getting started guide.

After the installation is successful, Xiaomi sport will be displayed on the mobile interface. Turn on Bluetooth. Enter the main interface of millet movement.

Log in Xiaomi account and search for the bracelet according to the mobile phone prompt. When the indicator light flashes, tap a few times to complete the binding. Binding succeeded. The interface will be displayed.

In the main interface, you can see the "today's activity" status. The icon in the upper left corner can enter the "activity record" interface, and the icon in the upper right corner can enter the parameter interface.

The main interface displays the current total steps, distance, energy consumption and other parameters, as well as the information within the time period.

The icon in the upper right corner can enter the parameter interface (such as my device, smart alarm clock, personal information, service, etc.).

The main boundary slides to the right, showing the 'sleep last night' parameter. Here you can learn about the length of sleep and the length of deep sleep. After entering from the icon in the upper left corner, you can view the sleep state in recent period.

Slide the main boundary to the left and enter the scale parameter interface. If you want to use this function, you need to bind the scale.

Intelligent alarm clock, personal information, running, service, relatives and friends, sharing and other functions can be set according to the needs. Such as service function, the interface is as follows.

After the intelligent alarm clock is set, the bracelet will vibrate at the set time.

When the power of the bracelet is insufficient, the indicator light (3 white indicators) on the main body of the bracelet has a prompt. It can be charged through a special charging line. Only when three indicator lights are displayed can it be fully charged.

matters needing attention:

The mobile phone and the bracelet are connected via Bluetooth. If you do not turn on Bluetooth, you cannot connect successfully.

Only by standing on the scale and wearing the designated intelligent running shoes can the corresponding functions be used.

Open the app scale interface, stand on the scale, and Bluetooth will connect the scale and the bracelet. The same goes for running shoes.