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Don't panic when you are hoarse

Hoarse voice is usually caused by seasonal cold, spring is the season of multiple occurrence. Or the following situations:

First, because of the high work intensity and the lack of attention to physical maintenance, physical overdraft is caused, or in the face of strong psychological pressure, lack of reasonable rest, resulting in the rapid decline of body immunity, resulting in hoarseness.

Second, this kind of situation generally appears in teachers and others, which is caused by loud speech for a long time, or the love of high notes.

Third, because of bad living habits, such as love to eat stimulating food, often drink or smoke too much, resulting in inflammation, resulting in hoarseness.

Fourth, throat inflammation causes throat pain, resulting in hoarseness of voice.

For the hoarseness caused by cold, we can use small pear and crystal sugar to make soup for food therapy. The diet should be light, and we should eat more fiber food, fruits and vegetables and drink more warm water. Eat more figs, pears, pomegranates less oranges, eggplant and other food. Remember not to eat irritating food often.

Of course, if the disease is lighter, you can also use simple vapor inhalation therapy. Or take azithromycin, synergism and sulfonate tablets, cough and licorice tablets, prednisone tablets, etc. if it is suggested to take them after meals, remember to consult a doctor before buying drugs, and if it is serious, see a doctor in time.

In addition, we should develop a good life, work and rest habits. In normal life, pay attention to the maintenance of the voice. Especially as a teacher who often overuses his voice, he should drink more water, pay attention to rest and adjust his physical and mental pressure properly. For people who drink and smoke, they should quit smoking and alcohol in time to ensure their health.