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What is the content of the interview test in 2019? Prediction of interview hot spots in 2019 nationa

Prediction of interview hot spots in 2019 national examination

In recent years, Jining has used the unique cultural resources of Confucius and Mencius' hometown to integrate excellent traditional culture into the education and training of Party members and cadres. At the same time, in the experience base of Confucius Institute Headquarters, immersive experience education combined with scenarios enables the experiencer to receive education imperceptibly.

On November 19, in front of the Wanren palace wall in Qufu, the members of the interview group of Jining bank's media gathering activity "promoting traditional culture and focusing on kinetic energy transformation" listened to the on-site teachers' explanation, understood the Confucian benevolence thought and accepted the incorruptible government education.

Jining cadre political and moral education college takes the promotion of excellent traditional culture as the main line, cultivates and promotes cadres as the political morality, and initially forms a teaching system of "four in one" of classroom teaching, on-site teaching, experience teaching, and ritual music teaching, creating nearly 30 on-site teaching points in the city. Since 2016, it has undertaken more than 1100 training classes and trained 61000 students.

'the excellent traditional Chinese culture contains rich thoughts of governance and administration, and also has a lot of wisdom of self-cultivation of political morality, which can provide reference for today's leading cadres in many aspects to strengthen the cultivation of political morality. Li Jingxue, Dean of Jining cadre political and moral education college, said.

Hot spot prediction:

During his years of political career, comrade Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to the moral cultivation of Party members and cadres. He clearly pointed out that "party members and cadres should be personalities and political ethics should be held in power." Combined with the actual situation, talk about your understanding of this sentence.


Put forward the viewpoint: personal character is the criterion of personal quality and behavior, while political morality refers to the political morality of leading cadres, including the requirements of ideals and beliefs, political awareness, political discipline, etc., which means that party members and cadres should not only have personal character but also cultivate political morality, emphasizing the importance of political morality for Party members and cadres.

Combined with practice, the importance of political morality: the significance of political morality: 1. Political morality is the core of moral cultivation of leading cadres in the new era. Only the leaders with political morality can organize a more healthy and efficient team, enhance the team cohesion, so as to overcome difficulties and complete tasks; 2. Political morality is the vane of the whole social moral construction. The leading and exemplary cadres can promote the construction of the whole social moral system, for example, the political morality can lead the selfless official morality, the public morality of being a teacher, the righteous personal morality and the aboveboard personal morality; 3. The political morality is the internal requirement of purifying the political ecology of the party and strengthening the overall and strict governance of the party. Xiu Zheng de can enhance the ability of Party members to resist corruption, resist risks and distinguish right from wrong, and keep the advanced nature and purity of the party forever.

However, under the temptation of realistic interests and the test of risks, the following problems appear: 1. In politics, there are some problems, such as the unsteadiness of stand, the vacillation of belief, the lack of ideal, the indifference of organizational concept, the unfaithfulness to the party, the separation from the masses, the autocracy and so on; 2. In terms of style, there are four problems, such as violating the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, hedonism, fraud, abuse of power, corruption, corruption, etc.; 3. In terms of discipline, there is a phenomenon of ignoring political discipline, resulting in the destruction of the party's political ecology.

The specific ways to cultivate political morality: as a grass-roots staff, we should do the following in the future: 1. In the political life, we should learn the party's ideology, theory, viewpoint works, important speeches, conference results, typical examples, etc. through the mass line education of the party, two learning and one doing, three strictness and three reality activities, clarify the political standards, strictly abide by the political bottom line, and in the face of big right and big wrong We can also integrate the thought of "benevolent government" in traditional culture with the requirements of "political morality" of Party members and cadres in the new era through large-scale public welfare activities such as patriotism education and traditional culture education; 2. In social life, "observe public morality", strictly restrict their own conduct and behavior in public places, take the lead in setting an example, abstain from greed and desire, and be diligent in taking on responsibilities, especially be brave in taking on responsibilities, be good at taking on responsibilities, do not shirk responsibility and quibble, and strictly abide by various work discipline requirements, such as three lists and one net, first question responsibility, negative reporting, etc., so as to achieve selfless and broad mind; 3. In the field of private life, 'strict private morality', manage your own life circle, communication circle and entertainment circle, especially pay attention to the construction of family style in the work of anti-corruption and integrity, prevent the family from becoming a serious area of corruption, prevent illegal profit-making due to 'frontier style', achieve integrity and self-cultivation, and make good political morality become a work habit.