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What are some good spy movies in the history of movies? Top 10 classic spy movies

I believe many friends like watching spy movies. No matter whether the whole movie is humorous or exciting, the identity of spy can attract people. So what are the better spy films in the global movie history? Today, I will recommend ten good spy films to you to see if they are right for you.

10. Spy series

At present, the fifth film has been released. It can be said that the film is wonderful and the film can't be missed. The hero with severe amnesia, the extreme assassination organization, who is he? Can he bear the truth?

9. Secret service academy

How to become a super spy under the guidance of the old spy? Maybe you and him are just a retired spy giant.

8. Mission impossible

Stimulation is the only word I can think of when I watch movies. All the stimulation elements of spy movies are involved.

7. Infernal path

It's too classic. It's a spy movie full of humanity. Maybe sometimes, justice and evil are not so easy to choose.

6. 007: Casino Royale

The most classic spy image, 007 itself is more popular than the movie. But the casino element and the beauty assistant added to the movie are the reasons why people have to watch it.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Marriage has become a kind of senseless form, but under this apparent marriage, there are two big spies hiding. What's more, they don't know each other's identity.

4. Hurricane rescue

You can see how great fatherly love really is. Although the strong father love is full of the whole film, but the degree of stimulation is not less.

3、 Secret agent

When two agents face each other's powerful assassination organization, they always feel a little sad and heroic. But if you think so, it's wrong.

2. Female spy

Beauty, danger, under the appearance of a beautiful snake and scorpion, is a shining heart of justice.

1. Killer: Code 47

What will the killer's coldness, the woman's heat and the extreme emotion bring? The temptation or the emotion, but don't know that their lives have been threatened.