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How can dumplings look good? Hot or cold water and noodles for dumplings

The Chinese New Year is coming soon. The most important thing for Chinese New Year is dumplings. Although dumplings are delicious, the process of making dumplings is difficult for many people. How can dumplings look good? Hot water or cold water is better for dumplings?

How to make dumplings

There are many ways to make dumplings. For most northerners, making dumplings is common, but the South doesn't often eat dumplings, and there is a simple way. The prepared materials are meat, onion and ginger. Garlic 13, and soy sauce. Salt, MSG. Also, soybean oil.

Then we cut the meat into mince. Add the onion and ginger, 13 fragrant. There are soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate and bean meat in the meat filling. Mix well in one direction.

Is dumpling made with hot water and noodles

It's better to choose cold water and noodles. The effect on shaping is obvious. However, when mixing noodles, the waking time must be well controlled. Half an hour is the best. Cold water dough is a kind of dough made by mixing water below 30 ℃, commonly known as cold water surface. Due to the use of cold water or low temperature water and flour, the protein in flour can not be heat denatured, thus forming more and stronger gluten. Cold water noodles are characterized by white color, refreshing and gluten, not easy to break. They are generally suitable for boiled and baked varieties, such as dumplings, noodles, spring roll skin, pearl soup, pancakes, etc.

Many people like to eat dumplings. They still need to pay attention to many problems when making dumplings at home. If there is no good mixing procedure, the dumpling skin can be easily boiled away. The dumplings use cold water and noodles, the steamed dumplings use warm water, the scallion cake use warm water, and the dough uses about 30 degrees of water and noodles. On the hot pot steaming are about 70 degrees of water and noodles. A dead bun is a hot bun, not a hair bun.